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PRP injections only for Acne Scarring

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I've done 4 consultation with different doctors for acne scarring.  All of them proposed different methods:

1. Microneedling or Genius RF only

2. Cannula subcision + Genius RF

3. Excision + Taylor Liberator Subcision + TCA peel + Erbium Laser

4. Phenol CROSS + Cannula Subcision 


I'm still very afraid to go through with any of these because of the risks involved and have been reading a lot of papers about PRP injection as a monotherapy for Acne Scarring.  For example, this one compares PRP injection alone to PRP + Subcision.  It concludes that PRP injections alone can be a valid low risk therapeutic option for Acne Scarring.  Given the low risk, I'm thinking of finding a doctor that is willing to try multiple sessions of PRP injection alone.  Has anyone tried this?



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PRP is used to boost your healing after your other acne scar treatments. It is NOT used to treat acne scars. 

It is very expensive, but it is useful for treating hair loss. 

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Yes, in a majority of acne scarring cases, it is used in conjunction with other treatments (i.e. Microneedling, Subcision, Laser Resurfacing), but studies have shown that it does have efficacy as  a monotherapy (re: the study I provided)

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