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Subcision expectations and how to properly perform suction technique?

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Hi guys!

I posted a few weeks ago asking about the efficacy of subcision without filler and also asking for help in identifying my acne scars. After 2 rounds with erbium laser and not really feeling like I could see any improvement in my scars I finally saw a doctor who performed subcision and TCA cross on my left cheek (much more & deeper scarring than my right cheek) on Thursday. These are in NO WAY results photos as my face is still swollen and bruised. I just know that a lot of people in these forums really like to see photos so I thought I would add them ;)

I am posting mainly because I want to try the suction technique. I bought a set of small cups for this purpose, but I am having a hard time finding information online how to actually perform this correctly (though I have seen that many people recommend doing 1-3 times a day starting from the third day after treatment, for 2-6 weeks). If anyone has some advice for me it would be greatly appreciated :) 

Otherwise, I'm curious what your thoughts might be about subcision for my specific scars? I know they aren't *that* bad, and in some lightings I can't even really see them - but they do bother me to an extent and I wanted to do something about it. Do you think I should except to need 1-3 (or more??) more treatments? Is it worth having a round of microneedling once I'm "done" with subcision to even things out (I'm not really interested in having laser again since the downtime is not really compatible with my lifestyle). 

Also the hard bump spots left by the needle entry point (!!!) feel soooo much like blind cystic pimples that are growing and might pop through the surface soon... I know it's probably not that but it really freaks me out.... :P 

Thanks to anyone who might respond! Have a nice weekend.


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I’m familiar with subcision, tca, and erbium laser. When you get subcision, there is blood that pools under the affected area. You will be swollen, bruised and in somewhat pain to the touch. 

I have seen users of suction technique bruise easily, especially if you are not familiar with the proper techniques and in which direction to pull. With the suction method, you are breaking capillaries and causing damage to the dermis layer which then creates bruising. I have seen people mention suction after subcision but I’m not sure I can advise for or against it, you would have to talk to your medical specialist and describe why you think it would help (I.e. lift the scar). If you can, try to find medical journals that evaluate the suction technique on recovering depressed scars. The only way to be more knowledgeable on a subject is to look for data. If you are not familiar with how to search for medical journals, I will help you. Type in “Google scholar” on Google. Click on the Google scholar link. Once you are redirected, type in the keywords you are trying to search for such as “suction technique scar” and look at the results. Some journals require payment, others are public use. Let me know if you have found answers to your question, I also would like to see what you may find. Best of luck. 

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