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Fraxis/Secret PRO: Combining CO2 + RF Microneedling (RFM) in one session

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Hey guys

So i've been contemplating to try a round of the fraxis/secret PRO. I know it's been touted on this thread to never combine CO2 + RFM in one session - however, this machine was literally made to do both: https://cutera.com/secretpro

It's called fraxis pro in US. Secret PRO in CAN (where I am).

Apparently it works by first doing an RFM with settings dependent on your skintype. Type IV, V get semi-insulated needles while Type I, II, III get non-insulated needles for a more aggressive treatment. Then in the same session, the machine has a CO2 handpiece that will be done with variable settings (Type  IV, probably get light CO2 settings / Type V probably opts out) and more aggressive CO2 settings for Type I, II, III.

Has anyone heard of this machine before and can shed some insight?

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This forum is pretty dead im sorry

I have no insight but what ive been told is it’s about the operator not the device. Go to someone specializing in scars

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I have used the secret RF. I’m not sure it is combined with co2 unless the specialist does both in one sitting. I personally did not find any dramatic changes with secret RF, however, I am a big fan of trying new methods that may seem rewarding and has as few risks as seemingly possible. We have different skin types and thus different results so be aware that someone’s praise or negative review about a treatment is unique. I think the Secret RF control burns the top layer of your skin as the coils heat with the needles and it produces that laser-like effect. I’m not 100% sure. 

if you want definitive answers, (1) ask a specialist, (2) call the company who sells the machine and ask the representative what a typical result may look like, (3) research medical journals that talk about the machine. User reviews on YouTube may also help. Let me know if you find answers, I am curious to know. 

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I personally just combined erbium/genius in the same session as TL subcision and had great results (especially for 1 session). Still a bit red at 17 days but I don't think anyone would question it at this point (I could cover it up with tinted sunscreen the last few days and I've been walking around in public after a week). 

The idea is that they both treat different layers (CO2 more superficial, RF microneedling deeper). I posted a thread under a different account about combining CO2 and microneedling RF - I went down the rabbit hole with this and it seems to be that 7 out of 9 doctors on Realself recommended it when I searched around there (links on thread), 1 out of 9 was neutral on it, and the last one said it would be too much to do at once (but this was a few years ago). I also found a bunch of papers saying it's effective and is safe. There's a troll on the thread who doesn't trust any doctors and thinks they're just after your money - I would strongly advise you to not get sucked into this narrative and follow what actual doctors and papers are saying (most importantly, your doctor if they are an acne scar expert). The people who have touted to never combine the two in one session on this forum don't have any evidence to support that. It's more a matter of being ultra conservative with money and not having too high expectations (which is fair). If you want to combine, there's no evidence that it doesn't work well or has more side effects (some doctors actually claim combining them makes you heal faster and have LESS side effects compared to laser alone).  

If the doctor has experience combining it and gets good results, I would say go for it (that was my conclusion). What do you have to lose? At minimum, they say people heal faster. Just make sure to follow the post procedure care, that's one of the biggest factors for why people get complications.

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@Rickyduds every advice is just as good as the person giving it. That's all I'm going to say. People who know, know. 

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