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Alright so I wrote a big paragraph and can't find it so I'll have to write it again... 


I'm a 16 years old boy and I'm struggling with mild BUT persistent acne (like 5-6 big red bumps). I've been using Effaclar Duo (+) and Benzoyl Peroxide for 1 year and it has helped me a lot (dermatologist gave me this treatment) . But I still get those bumps which make me feel soo bad. 

Okay so my uncle saw that I'm struggling with acne and decided to tell me a story. So, like 15 years ago he knew a guy who was 17 at the time and he was struggling with acne (it was like mild/moderate). And his mother brought him to an Italian dermatologist who prescribed him some drug that he was taking for JUST 2-3 weeks. He bought that drug in Italy(that drug was expensive at the time) . During that therapy / treatment something brownish was going out of his nails (they knew it was gonna happen because it is supposed to be like that). And after the therapy finished (just like 2 weeks), his face was COMPLETELY clean and he has never got any pimple again. He didn't have any scars / marks / hyperpigmentation. It was COMPLETELY clean. I just want to know what is that drug so I can ask my dermatologist about that. I have been searching a lot. And I can't find what is that drug.... 

If I don't find it..... Should I ask my dermatologist to put me on Accutane (isotretinoin), I've heard that it is really effective even on low doses such as 10-20mg for mild acne. 

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