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2nd best regimen after the Acne.org regimen that is lighter on the skin

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What would you say is the 2nd best regimen after the acne.org regimen?

I don’t want to take Benzoylperoxid all the time because I think it is too irritating for my skin and i don’t want my skin to get sensitive to sunlight and to prematurely age. I also have neurodermitits and do not know if BPO is suitable anyway for me.

What are the best alternative regimes? Is there something that is a bit more gentle to the skin than BPO that is also working?

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An HOCL face spray should help kill bacteria while being non-irritating to your neurodermititis.  HOCL is non-irritating, non-allergenic, cleans biofilm and kills harmful microbes.  HOCL doesn't kill the "good" bacteria the skin needs to stay healthy.   It is soothing to the skin.  Commercial HOCL is made synthetically but is chemically identical to the HOCL produced by the human body.   

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) spray at the 0.01% to 0.02% concentration is the same as a natural substance made by human white blood cells in response to microbes.  HOCL is anti-microbial against bacteria, fungus/mold, viruses and kills the juvenile form of demodex skin mites.  HOCL is used and recommended by tattoo artists and piercers for their clients to heal up clean.  HOCL is used to disinfect hospital ICUs, medical and dental offices.  Studies have shown that HOCL kills 99.9% of 23 different strains of bacteria including the deadly MRSA bacteria.  It also kills norovirus and COVID-19.

HOCL products can be found on Amazon:  BrioTech Labs ($6.95 for 2 oz, $11.95 for 4 oz), Occusoft ($19.95 for 2 oz), Heyedrate and other brands can be found on Amazon.

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