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What is wrong with my skin

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Hey there, 

I'm 22 and I feel like I have worse skin than people double my age. 

My skin is so big pored and overall uneven and swollen. 

I don't know what to do, I eat very healthy for almost 2 years now and still have such bad skin. 

I don't go out in the sun super often so I don't think it's sun damage. 

I had acne as a kid and I think these are a lot of scars too but ever since my skin is just seeming to get worse. 

Does anyone have similar skin? Because i have never seen such skin on a person as young as me. 

I am willing to pay high amounts of money just to get a close to normal skin, do you have any idea what could help me (fraxel, retin-a, etc.)? 

Also I had microneedeling done but it didn't do anything positive to my skin. 

I would be so thankful for help because it botheres me everyday. 


Thank you in advance :)


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I know the frustration of having really bad skin texture too , your skin texture is quite similar to mine.

I was wondering if there was a loss of elasticity in your face? When you press down on your cheeks does it feel like it doesn't bounce back as it should?

Also , you mentioned that you had microneedling treatment done. Do you think that your texture and elasticity/pore size got worse as a result of microneedling? The reason i'm asking this is because in my personal experience having done microneedling, I feel as my skin texture got considerably worse, forming an orange peel sort of texture with wierd lines and loss of elasticity/plumpness.

Much like you , I am also looking for a long term solution which may be hard. As of now, i'm using emu oil/hyraulonic acid serums and vitamin c serum just for daily maintence. In order for actual long term noticable results, I'm not too sure what is available for this skin texture though otherwise.

Hope this helps and do let me know also if you get any updates on possible remedies for this skin texture as your condition is similar to mine. 


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