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How to prevent acne scars while they are still new?

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Epiduo forte and doxycycline was prescribed in October, but unfortunately my daughter was unable to tolerate the GI side effects of the antibiotic. She did continue using the epiduo forte, but she has had many more breakouts since starting it. I have included a picture of day one 10/14/2020 to present.

Her doctor has now put her on birth control and she will begin isotretinoin in January. She has been consistent with routine of salicylic acid wash am and pm, oil free moisturizer, and epiduo forte at night. Hydrocolloid acne patches in the daytime. No picking of pimples, and no dairy or processed foods, no makeup, changes pillowcases daily, eats kimchi for probiotics, multi vitamin with omega 3 and extra vitamin D. Tried going vegan for 3 months this summer, but no difference.

I would like some insight on how to prevent possible scarring. I have read that early treatment is important, but not sure what to do. We have seen two dermatologists and only been told microneedling 6 months after isotretinoin.

Does anyone have any advice on scar prevention that has worked best for them at this stage?



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The best prevention is not to get acne in the first place. You made the right choice in getting her on isotretinoin. Start out on a low dosage and adjust as needed. In the meantime, 

Acne is half physical and half mental. You can't take care of one without the other. I suggest Vitamin C + Zinc + NAC twice a day. Drink plenty of water and rest your mind. No stress at all cost. Lastly, which is my favorite, start a caveman regimen. Apply nothing to your face for at least 4 weeks. This means no makeup, no moisturizer, not even water (other than when you shower, limiting to a bare minimum). This will essentially balance the pH of the acid mantle, back to how it should be. 


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