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TCA Cross 101

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Hi All, I have some queries in regards to TCA Cross. 

1. How long would the Cross completely dried up, not transferring to surrounding skin even if the area is wiped? Is there any correlation with the percentage used ie. lower percentage dried up faster?

2. If the Cross area is frosted, does it mean it dries up completely?

3. is it alright to wipe the Cross area with peeling solution (low TCA Cross % and low peeling%) afterwards, would there be possibility the Cross "spilled over" to surrounding skin?

4. what would happen if the Cross spilled over to the surrounding skin area? Would it "dissolve" the surrounding area and could create shallow crater?

5. i read that TCA Cross could be used on certain wide box scars too. What is the max size/shape of this wide box scars to be ideally treated with TCA Cross and could we do Cross all the way until the box scars filled up because the bottom would rise up and the box scars are getting shallower?

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