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Made the switch (shaving related)

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Hi all, I haven't posted in years and thought this would be the proper place for some feedback and advice.
I have extremely sensitive skin and thick facial hair. I've been using a safety razor for the last couple of years. I like a very close shave. I go with with and against the grain to try to achieve that.
The drawback...I often get nicks and the process TAKES A LONG TIME.

I noticed that the Gillette Sensor Excel was highly recommended, so I made the switch. Shaving is more comfortable, especially the corner neck areas due to the pivoting head of the blade, and above all else...it's FASTER.
BUT, a day after shaving with the new razor, I broke out around the sides of my face and chin area. The acne is small, but still...PIMPLES, damn it! =[

Does my face need to get used to the new blade or is this going to be happening every time I shave with this particular 2 blade razor? Can this be prevented?

To be honest, I have been making more passes to get a closer shave. I really enjoy this way of shaving, but sad at the acne it's caused.


Thank you!

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