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Initial breakout from changing to a better diet?

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Hi everyone, 

It's been about a week since I've gone sugar free and plant based and I've experienced a big breakout of three cystic spots on my cheek. I haven't had cysts in a long time and I feel pretty disheartened right now, especially since I am starting an acting course tomorrow that requires me not to wear makeup. I was wondered if anyone else had experienced an initial breakout from switching diets or if Im doing something wrong?

My diet wasn't exactly unhealthy before but it had some processed foods, fish and sugar. I have always drank no caffeine, lots of water and eating lots of greens. Now, I eat plant based, lots of veg, quinoa, pulses, brown rice and I also avoid processed foods, sugar and wheat. I did however, have whole wheat pasta and one piece of chocolate two days ago but I highly doubt it would've caused such a strong reaction. Usually I have to eat bread a couple days in a row for my skin to react badly. I only cook with coconut oil and I take probiotics and lemon water on a morning to help with digestion. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong!! Would love to hear peoples thoughts.

I'm spending today doing nice destressing things and trying to focus on my self care and confidence in the face of a breakout, but it's definitely not easy! Thank you in advance for any advice!

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I've been around these forums for years now, not as often anymore though. However, still today I hope to find some answers related to the relationship between diet and acne. After years of strolling around here, reading hundreds of posts, I have some conclusions. 

First, the diet and acne relationship seems to be very individual. Some people break out from foods which other don't. Basically for every food type, there are controversial opinions. Hence, it is up to each one of us to experiment ourselves and figure out which food trigger our own acne. 

There are however some basic guidelines in terms of food to avoid. These are: Foods with high glycemic load, dairy products, processed foods, fatty foods and so on. 

Honestly your diet seems as acne friendly as it can get. So I doubt that there are any foods in your current diet which could trigger it. Unless you are allergic to something. Regarding switching diets, there might be some truth to that? Maybe your body is adapting to the new diet and hence the reaction. 

Lastly, I think acne is such a mystery and sometimes it seems that you do everything right and you still break out against all the odds. There are simply too many factors which "could" affect acne. Think about it - maybe its something to do with your hormones, stress, lack of sleep, lack of vitamins, the weather or something else. 

A question to you: does bread make you break out? I eat a lot of bread and I am thinking if I should try to leave it out of my diet. 


Thanks and take care - M

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