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Scars/ Really bad skin texture. What can I do?

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Years of really bad acne as a teenager and sun damage have left my skin looking super rough (I'm in my late 20s now). I've been taking tretinoin 0.025% for about 2 weeks, but I have my doubts that tret can fix this is any meaningful way. The other cheek looks very similar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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TCA peels would be my suggestion. Have to work your way up in percentages.

TCA Cross would be for the few ice pick scars you have.

If you have the money, lasers would be something to look at. They have their risks, but they can do a good job of smoothing out scars provided you see a doctor who knows lasers.

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1 hour ago, james005 said:

I recommend CO2 ablative laser. Goodluck!

If you have the money, have time for recovery, and understand the risks..... fractional CO2 would be the biggest difference maker in my opinion. For deep scars (icepick) that lasers can't pick up, TCA Cross would be best.

The good thing is that you are caucasian so the risks for PIE/PIH are lower, therefore reducing the recovery time. You also sport a beard so that will make any red areas not look so prominent.

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Definitely keep using the tretinoin. If you can work your way up to nightly use and then, after a few months, slowly introduce the .05 strength I think you would see an improvement in the texture. It won’t eliminate the issue but it will definitely help. At least that has been my experience. It will take a year to see meaningful changes but a year will pass anyway so keep at it. Good luck. 

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