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Are these boxcar scars or just giant pores?

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Last year I had a consultation with a renowned dermatologist in London who specializes in scarring and was told that I have boxcar scars. He suggested a course of TCA at 90%. The only problem is there are about 200-300 of these on my nose alone! And then also cheeks and forehead! After 3 sessions and only a fraction being treated each time, I decided to try TCA myself. In total I applied 70%, once every 4-6 weeks for a total of 3 times. Only for a maybe 10 seconds until frosting occurred and then baking soda/water to neutralize. I believe they have helped on my cheeks somewhat but not so much my nose. I 'painted' the TCA on, area by area. I also tried to apply with a blunt syringe needle 'into' the pores, but it's a mammoth task as you can imagine with so many of them. I never did a 4th session as I read on here about one person whose pores - a few of them merged together (!) as the pore wall was broken down by the TCA. For me the ultimate question so I can figure out how to treat them is: are these even pores or are they boxcar scars? when I extract the hardened sebum plugs from them, they are huge, but they rapidly close over the course of the day. Luckily I never get blackheads, but between trying to keep these free of debris and then filling them in with a clay primer, I'm forever dealing with them. I would love to be rid of them but don't know how. AHA's and retinol cause me acne, BHA's (salicylic) don't do a thing for me, even at very high concentrations, and most topical products don't agree with me at all. My skin is super picky. And i still don't know what exactly they are! Does anyone know what they are and how they can be treated?    


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