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Considering Accutane.... But Worried About Side-Effects

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As the title entails, I'm considering accutane/isotretinoin. I've gone to multiple different dermatologists and they've all recommended that I try it. My current dermatologist has only seen me once, but has heard of my previous attempts at treatment and highly recommends accutane.


I'm a bit skeptical, and maybe I've been reading into it too much. I hear all these horror stories of people who have permanent conditions that they attribute to their use of accutane, but I've also heard of miraculous stories of victory. Honestly, I'm not sure if the risk is entirely worth the reward. 


Of course I want clear skin. I'm 20 now and I've been struggling with acne since about age 17. I've tried so many prescription creams, over-the-counter serums and treatments, and my acne persists nonetheless. Doxycycline was the closest I've ever had to clear skin, maybe a pimple or two at most (with post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation of course). I was over-prescribed doxycycline for a longer period that anyone would normally suggest, about a year if I recall, so it lost it's efficiency. I've tried "custom" skincare regimens and serums from reputable companies, and all of it seems to cease it's performance with time.


As it stands now, I don't even want to be seen in public with my acne and hyper-pigmentation, and it's been severely effecting my confidence and mental health. Part of my job has to deal with my own personal branding, and it's definitely effected by my acne, but I couldn't entirely justify the use of accutane in the event I was left with some of the "potentially" life-long side effects such ad ED, permanent hair loss, or IBS. I can't find a statistic for complication rates either.


I'm here searching for more advice, or even opinions, and maybe someone can help point me in the right direction.

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I've been on it and it's not as bad as you think. Most people will experience dryness of skin and a bloody nose once in a while. You will need to do blood tests once in a while as a routine to make sure you are okay. Hair loss is temporary if it occurs. Other alternatives to accutane that are nearly just as effective are NeoClear laser by Aerolase. And Agnes Acne treatments. You might want to look into those if you want to avoid accutane. NeoClear is more accessible throughout the U.S. by looking for a provider of the laser. It might be pricey but could be an alternative. Agnes is another one that kills the oil glands on the acne and doesn't come back in that same area. If these procedures fail, then maybe consider accutane.

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So much of life is this cost-benefit  and risk analysis that you describe with the Accutane decision. Accutane had been used by over 13 million people. If I study its track record and compare it to the vast majority of medications available, even over-the-counter, I'd say it's a real safe bet. Will there be people who can tell stories of having the negative health experiences after the course of the medicine? Yes, indeed. But, we don't hear or read about the 12.8 million who took it and never thought about it again. There are things to consider: Accutane tends to metabolize better when taken with a fatty meal. This is counterintuitive to a "healthy" or acne-friendly diet, but it's very important for the medicine's efficacy and can offset side effects. In terms of what you describe, I can tell you that I was in your exact position at 20. I went on my first course of Accutane at 25 and it was the easiest medicine I've ever been on. The only things bad about it were that I couldn't drink at all for the duration and I had chapped lips. I regret not going on it way sooner. If I'd gone on it at 16, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache and missed social opportunities. I went on a second round of it 5 years later and it was fine too, but I didn't take the medicine with the right foods, so my stomach wasn't thrilled with it for a few months afterward. But, I'll tell you this: even with the stomach upset on that second dose, it was way worth it. I think acne is a more serious issue than society and psychoanalysts realize. As you said, it's impacting how you feel emotionally and if you don't feel comfortable or confident going out, I think it is really worth considering it. My dermatologist takes a low-dose form of Accutane regularly to offset acne. I also know so many dermatologists who want their teenagers on Accutane just to prevent acne and its harmful effects. I think those facts were enough to make me go, "yeah, ok, I'll go on it."   Imagine going on it and being acne-free for the rest of your life, or at least the next five years? If that is incentive enough, give it a go. I have depression in my genes, I'm more prone to anxiety than depression, but even with my genetic predisposition to depression, Accutane only made me feel quite happy, because it was finally something that worked on deep, cystic acne. I hope you'd have the same great response to it and comfort on it. Good luck!

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I've tried "custom" skincare regimens and serums from reputable companies, and all of it seems to cease it's performance with time.
Then change strategy. I suggest first try to change diet, workout routine, other habits and add supplements (vitamins, minerals - example: D-3 with K-2, magnesium, multivitamin, etc.) that are helpful for you.

Find a dietitian and other doctors that are specialists in all I said, also do many different blood tests (include vitamin D-3, testosterone, prolactin, estradiol, DHT, among the list) to investigate all possible routes you can take to avoid the last measure that is this poison called Accutane!!!!!!!




I got rid of my acne yet had for YEARS the worst (and so far only) depressive moments that for other people could easily mean SUICIDE!

If you are concerned about your mental health then stay as far as possible from this crap! It can and certainly WILL cause permanent damage to your body and I consider the use of this drug as helpful as selling your soul to the Devil. The latter will certainly collect, sooner or later.

If you want tips on how to do all I said I recommend a few channels:

This one is from Dr. Berg, and others like

I can't stress enough how all of them have helped me improving my health. Once everything possible has failed ONLY THEN you should consider trying Accutane.

Most dermatologists that prescribed isotretinoin should be in jail!!!!!

I wish back then I had the knowledge and means to implement all these changes. Instead I also wasted my time with skincare products and drugs that did more harm than good.

Folks, never, ever TRUST BIG PHARMA! They (and BIG TECH) are having a field day in this PLANDEMIC and are trying as much as possible to silence anyone that advocates for natural ways to heal our bodies!!!!!!!!!!

These people are MONSTERS!

They don't care about your health and all these drugs pretend to fix a problem by creating others. No drug is devoid of side effects. And no such thing as a free lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accutane has a massive list with plenty of issues that are aggravated by your treatment. You have no way of telling these won't be lasting for the rest of your life.

Sure, sometimes we have no way of avoiding Accutane and other meds, still for most people they are not * REALLY * required and there may be a way to solve the problem by dealing with it the right way.

You owe to yourself to find out if there is no way to fix your problem without this easy and convenient solution.

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What do you mean by ED? Erectile disfunction? I dont even think this is a sideefect of Accutane. IBS? Iritable bowel syndrome, this also never heard of. 

I heard of very rare cases of Chron's disease, but am not sure if this has been verified.

I would suggest very low dose for couple of months. 10mg/day or 10mg every other day. This shouldn't cause much harm.

The only serious sideefect I have is skin cracking with permanent skin fissures and impaired skin healing. Which is an awful side-effect. Unfortunately I have to stop taking Accutane due to that, and my skin gets easily irritated cause of it. I did use low dose mostly, but repeatedly over 10 years. Whenever I've been on 10mg/day it has always been great. Unfortunately as soon as I stop taking it, after couple of months acne return.

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How long does someone need to stay on accutane to get the results they want? How bad are the side effects? What are the side effects? Is it worth it in your opinion?

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On 11/11/2020 at 10:56 PM, Avree said:

How long does someone need to stay on accutane to get the results they want? How bad are the side effects? What are the side effects? Is it worth it in your opinion?

If other acne medication is not working for you then Accutane is worth a go.  Everyone hypes it up, it's not that bad.  Have lip balm, moisturiser and eye drops at the ready and you should be fine.

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