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What do you think is my problem?

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I have dry or dehydrated skin, and am prone to hormonal and occasional breakouts. My skin shouldn't be allergic or super sensitive and I patch test everything before. I can probably take more control of my diet, however. I usually get whiteheads near my lower chin areas and they are small and clustered together, makes me tripobia (scared of tiny holes) a bit scared.

Products: (new since 3 weeks ago!) Natural oil cleanser, 
salicylic acid cleanser (not very potent salicylic)
Pure hyaluronic acid (leave-on)
Sweet Chef Beet and Vita A Serum (new since 2 weeks ago)
Vitamin C (few amounts also new since 2 weeks)
Madecassoside cream (light gel)
Welda original ultra rich cream

I try to exfoliate once a week or week-half by leaving for 7-10 mins Aztec Clay mask on. I sometimes try to go for two weeks because I am afraid I am not exfoliating enough. 

I apologize for the low quality pictures and I would really appreciate any advice, help, or guidance! I want to look as good as I feel about myself! I want to prove to myself and others that I can get good skin and I want to know if I am on the right path! Thank you!20200906_005013.jpg.56b8446e0f2de99d4b52d7c19c5d6825.jpg20200906_004922.jpg.319833e05543144d55bdccfca7056294.jpg20200906_004443.jpg.4b5993df6845377d6203231bc0eece9e.jpg

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Even if you have dry skin, you should be careful about putting occlusive products on your skin if you are acne prone since they have the ability to clog pores and agravate existing acne. You seem to have mostly retentional acne, which is a good point since it's easier yo treat. 

Switch your oil cleanser to a foaming one like cerave hydrating cleanser. Or do a double cleanse but believe me, if there is a tiny left over from the oil, it does more harm than good so try to stay away from it for instance. Switch your weleda cream to a less comedogenic one like cerave facial moisturising lotion or cosrx green tea gel cream over your hyaluronic serum ( check that it does not contain any oils). Put products on damp skin. Then, you need to incorporate a chemical exfoliant. I don't think your vitamin a serum does much since it contians a lot a oils ( comedogenic). Try a salycilic 2% leave on lotion from paula's choice a few times a week a few minutes before moisturiser. You may go through a purge because the exfoliant will bring pimples from underneath your skin but within a few weeks, it should be better.

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