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Blackheads can be a sign of microscopic demodex skin mites in humans as well as dogs.

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Blackheads can be a sign of microscopic demodex skin mites in humans as well as dogs.
The mites eat oil and as the move around, their tiny claws rough up the linings of the pores, clogging them up.

When diagnosing demodetic mange in a dog, the vets look for blackheads as a clear sign of mite infestation.

Demodex should also be suspected in humans in cases where blackheads repeatedly return to the same locations and antibacterial or antifungal acne medications fail to clear them up.  The eye doctors that finally figured out that demodex skin mites were causing  blepharitis demodex (ocular rosacea) also noticed that patients with this eye condition also had large blackheads on their face.

Dogs and other animals get demodetic mange caused by microscopic demodex skin mites  
The anti-parasitic drug ivermectin was originally developed for dogs.  They also discovered that it worked well for demodectic mange in animals, to deworm horses and for multiples types of parasites in humans.  It is now used for animals like dogs and horses as well as people.  Each animal has their own specialized subspecies of demodex mites.

Your dermatologist can test your skin for demodex to see if the mites are causing blackheads.
Some people prefer to get a small USB microscope available online to look for the mites.  Just pluck a facial hair or eyebrow around the blackheads.  Then examine the roots of the hair with the microscope. 

If demodex are causing the problem, treatment is available with over the counter tea tree oil based products like face wash, and 5% Tea Tree Oil ointment (Desert Essence).
Borax powder made into DIY shampoo or bath soaks and Boric Acid mixed with glycerin as a face mask are also effective DIY treatments.

For more serious cases, vetinary grade 1.87% Ivermectin Horse Paste (Amazon),  prescription Ivermectin ointment or prescription oral ivermectin may be more effective.  
Topical treatment is available with topical Ivermectin in either the expensive prescription Soolantra 1% Ivermectin cream,  of the $5 tube of 1.87% Ivermectin Horse Paste available from Amazon.

Prescription oral ivermectin is the most effective treatment for the more severe or stubborn cases.  It can treat the entire body and every pore and oil gland has the best chance for clearance.  When oral ivermectin is also combined with oral metronidazole, it is even more effective at clearing demodex infestations.


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