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What scar treatment would be best for me? Pls help x

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Hey, im 21 years old. I've suffered from acne since I was 17-18ish. It never really got to me. However, the last year it got really bad. Theres still a bit of acne but I'm left with these scars and not going to lie im so emotionally damaged it's a joke. I struggle to leave the house and when I do leave the house I get really weird looks and it puts me down even more. Constantly depressed and anxious:(. If anyone knows any good doctors to treat scarring in the UK pls let me know! (Ideally in the south or london!)Also what treatment do u think would be best for my skin type? 

I just want to feel like myself again and be able to go out with confidence. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated xScreenshot_20200812-131742_Snapchat.jpg.bf85b42158955b159b8aa8a8041edfbf.jpgScreenshot_20200812-131747_Snapchat.jpg.996da5c1b702593372043e9ca5d501b7.jpg

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You have a combination of boxcar and rolling scars. They looks particularly worse because boxcar sits right on top of the rolling scar. Consider it like a scar over another scar. For treatment, I suggest subcision and TCA. Subcision is ideal for breaking up any scar fibers anchored to the bottom (good for rolling scars), while TCA is ideal for smoothing the hard scar edges (good for boxcars). You will need multiple treatments spanning 2-3 years. 

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