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what is the best way to treat temple scars?

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They are kinda deep so microneedling (though it may be slightly helpful) will most likely not create enough collagen to fade it well.  It the best way TCA cross? its more of a boxcar scars.  i heard you cant put filler here becuase there is a chance you go blind.  ive also heard of people using filler so is it a situation of at your own risk? also is subscision dangerous in the temple as it can potentially cuase blindness as well if you sever some nerve?  Thanks

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It's hard to say without seeing your scars. However, the temples and the forehead are the most difficult areas to treat. There's hardly any collagen to begin with, so it makes no sense to believe new collagen will be formed from treatment. Fillers can potentially cause blindness, subcision will not. However, you could end up with major hematoma (internal bleeding) from vessel damage. To minimize this, the doctor will likely use a cannula. Not sure how much improvement you will see from subcision though. Frankly, the results I've seen thus far isn't very impressive. With that said, using high-strength TCA (70%-100%) does help over time. With TCA, scars widen and flatten at the same time. You need to repeat application every 3 months for up to a year to see any changes.

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