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Acne scar treatment for rolling scars- experience?

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It's been 5 years since I took accutane / isotretinoin, and have since been battling/accepting my quite severe acne scars. Ideally next winter I probably would like some professional help, e.g. laser treatment. Last time I went to the dermatologist (July 2019) the doctor advised me to take isotetinoin again because of some spots here and there. But I'm not going to take that drug again (or at least I really don't want to) so I am trying to improve my scars at home. I just ordered the banish starter kit, and right now use the ordinary AHA 30% peel mask which really helps with my skin texture.

I'd like to know some of your experiences dealing with acne (rolling) scars at home, what has helped? (Also I took a few different photos with different lighting. As we all now lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to the appearance of scars. the second photo shows the scars more realistically than the one with direct sunlight on my face :))



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Hey man I’ve been where you’re at. Good news is there’s hope! I’ve had two treatments and have seen some improvement but I definitely have a long way to go being that my scars are pretty severe


a few things - you don’t want laser unless it’s someone who’s truly experienced ( it can cause more harm than good )


Dr Rullan in San Diego California is who has been working with me. His patients are all over this site, he’s one of the best. Google him and check it out 

you’ll need subcision and probably a few treatments so don’t get your hopes up too much after only a couple sessions 

for more specifics Look to @beautifulambition. He does this for free and he’s really busy so if it takes a while for him to respond be understanding


best of luck to you! You can ask me anything and I’ll help as best I can


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