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Please help...Any suggestions or ideas will be helpful. I'm 26, male, and have had acne since age 15-16. Severe acne on my chest, back and face. It is also quite numerous on my neck, and the back of my head. I've done everything. A course of accutane at 17. Epiduo, Doxycycline Minocycline etc....Used benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. But nothing works. It just makes my skin so dry and doesn't actually help the acne itself. Now heres the thing that gets me. I got fed up with everything and stopped using everything...Now I just wash my face with water twice a day, exfoliate with a wash cloth, and moisturize with a non comedogenic moisturizer. Doing this, the cystic acne has gone away, somewhat. I used to get 7-8 cystic ones a day now it's like 1 or 2 every other week. But the whiteheads...I get them daily. Sometimes 2 sometimes 10. Everywhere. On my back, chest, mainly on my face, the back of my head is bad. I don't understand. Could it be an underlying health issue that the doctors aren't acknowledging? How can they continue to recommend face washes and creams when it's on the back of my head as well? I've used their medicated shampoos for weeks and it doesn't help. I've followed their instructions perfectly but it always stays the same or comes back once the course is finished. I can't stay on antibiotics forever. It's got to be hormonal right? But i'm 26 why is that still a factor? Could it be stress? My diet is as follows:



2-3 eggs

Oatmeal with Fruit



Turkey or Chicken


Spinach / Kale

Brown Rice



Salmon or Lean Meat

Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts  or some other green

Brown Rice or some healthy carb





Nature Valley bar (sometimes)

Fruit Smoothie 

Activia Yogurt 


I drink absolutely nothing but water, and green tea occasionally.


I've cut out every "processed" food  to try and see if diet played a role. Which is doesn't seem to because my diet is consistent but acne isn't. 


Please help. Any comments, questions, ideas.... anything. 







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Dont worry about what you eat, food has very little to do with acne.

My bro is overweight, lives on pot noodles and cakes yet has flawless skin lol.

My recommendation to get rid of your acne is something that I have been doing now for a little while now, that has given me the best skin of my life ( I'm a guy btw).

That is oil cleansing...

It's a scary thought putting oil all over your skin at first,  goes against everything we've been taught. Seriously though, it actually works!

I use a mix of castor oil, Hempseed oil and jojoba oil blended in a big bottle. I oil cleanse my face every evening and the top half of my body every other day before showering. Spots are pretty much non existent now, skin feels hydrated enough that I dont even moisterise anymore.

If you would like the exact method for oil cleansing then let me know and il go into more detail. 

Also try a natural shampoo. I use to get alot of painful zits on the back of my head until I switched to a biotin shampoo that is natural with no sulfates or parabens. 

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Suggesting food has very little to do with acne isn't the best advice. Everyone's body reacts differently and whilst the poster above has a brother who eats rubbish and has flawless skin (lucky him) this shouldn't indicate that food plays no part in breakouts or acne. It may play a part in YOUR breakouts, especially if you've tried all those others lotions, potions and pills etc. beforehand.

From my personal experience, I find certain foods 'trigger' my breakouts and can make my skin worse. Your gut also plays a important part in how your skin looks - so maybe consider looking at that and how your body digests food. 

I don't want to start picking apart what you eat because I have already stated that everyone is different, however you might want to consider taking certain things out of your diet for a while and see if you notice any changes in your skin. It could be a lengthy process but perhaps it's something worth doing right now, seeing as most of us are stuck in our homes!

Maybe try dropping the eggs at breakfast and just stick with oatmeal (some people report that eggs can break them out, due to hormones.) Consider how much fruit you are eating too - yes it's healthy and contains vitamins but there can also be a lot of natural sugars in fruit. Consider eating darker fruits like red grapes or berries which typically are lower in sugar.

Consider your snacks - again, a fruit smoothy might seem super healthy but could be an excess of sugar (especially if you've had other fruit in your oatmeal or as a snack). Eating Nature Valley bars - seems quite processed and again, potential for excess sugar intake.

What kind of meat are you consuming? If it's beef is it grass-fed? If it's chicken is it organic? A lot of animals, sadly, end up being pumped with hormones and when we buy that meat we can end up consuming those hormones which can play havoc with our skin.

Personally, I'm a vegan, but I'm not suggesting that is a) a cure to acne - it's not or b) you should become a vegan but you might want to consider having 'meat free' days during the weak just to lower the meat consumption and focus on making a veggie curry or casserole instead and just get in some extra vegetables and have a day off where your stomach isn't trying to digest loads of meat...

I could go on but I would stress that searching for a miracle face wash or cleansing routine will probably just end up with you spending a fortune and being left unhappy with the results. I truly believe that you have to focus on diet, exercise, stress-levels, sleep, mental health and find a good balance.

One last thing I would say is make sure you're not eating/snacking right before sleep. You need to give your body a good few hours to digest food before you then go to bed. Your body should be focusing on cleansing itself whilst you are asleep and not trying to digest loads of food you decided to snack on 30 mins before heading to bed.

I hope some of that helps? As I say, I don't believe there's a miracle cure but I do think there's plenty you can do to help and perhaps the poster above it right and maybe food will have no impact on your skin either way but it could be a good time right now to at least cut some things out which are often triggers for acne-sufferers and just see if it helps you at all.


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I said, to quote myself, "food has very little to do with acne". I didn't say it has nothing to do with acne. On the contrary,  I believe certain foods can trigger acne, however the condition of your skin will determine what type of acne flares up.

Certain foods can and will release certain toxins or have hormonal impacts that can cause inflammation, which in turn can cause acne. If your skin is in a bad way then the breakouts can be severe, if your skin is in a good way then the breakouts can be nothing more then 1 or 2 very small pimples that are barely noticeable. 

Good skin = well hydrated with very little micro cracking and balanced sebum levels with a healthy natural barrier. These things are vital in determining the severity of acne which is why I suggested oil cleansing as it really helps.

I still believe the absolute number 1 cause of acne, whether male or female, is hormones. Food CAN be a minor trigger but not a big enough trigger to constantly worry about what you eat. In fact constantly worrying about what you eat can have a negative effect on hormones by causing stress.

Most of us who suffer from acne will probably have to wait until our later years before our hormones settle down and our skin completely clears. Until then all we can do is control it the best we can and so far, for me anyway, oil cleansing has been the best way to do that.


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with me it's about food,it causes my acne, full stop,I now live 90% acne free by cutting out certain chemical additives found in food that is not fresh,I eat only fresh food and drink natural drinks,all it takes is one chemical additive to cause one big big spot on my face,your's could be hormones,so try it out and forget advice from Pudding Pie,we are all different.

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