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How I healed my adult acne


Posted : 02/27/2020 7:31 am


I just wanted to share my sucess with finally healing adult acne. I had this problem for a looong time, I won't bore you with that history. But I can say that I tried everything. It was not until I decided to try going vegeterian and really think about what I ate that my skin started healing. I focused on eating whole foods and no sugar for some time. I also noticed that I have surface dry skin and more oily under. This acne gave me spots that would not heal for weeks sometimes. I could not understand what was wrong. Now sticking to a vegeterian diet and using vaseline on the areas I had acne is what finally healed it. Now it is the first time in many years I feel confident in my skin. I just wanted to share this since I wished I did this lifestyle change earlier.

Some other changes I did wasto become more physically active. Some days I went for a 30 min walk (best in nature when one naturally calms down), other days I practiced yoga or did some cardio/weight training. On daily basis l also meditated. However staying active was important for lowering my stress levels. Also, I learned that not drinking enough water canincrese the stress levels, so I did focus more on drinking water. For many years I have been dairy free since I am lactos intolerant, so I knew that was not the cause of the adult acne.

Before this I have always been eating healthy, but it seemed to be easier to eat larger amounts of whole foods when I became a vegeterian.

Learning to cook healthy food was important so I spent alot of time learning about vegeterian meals and preppingso the change was easy for me.

I hope this helps someone... Oh yeah what lead me to my diet change was a comment from someone online saying that people rather eat medicine that can giveloads of side effects and may not even help, insteadoftrying to change their diet or lifestyle.... which is free from side effects.

And finally I do not believe there is one cure for everyone, but I do belive that we can learn from each other.

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