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How severe is my acne scars? What to do about it?

Hello everyone!

its my first time here so just little background, I’ve been an acne sufferer for over 10 years. My acne started when I was 13-14 as back acne and later in 16 my acne got really bad and spread to my face and chest. I was having very painful cystic acne and started taking a lot of oral antibiotics and they didn’t really work and eventually i was put on accutane. After finishing the accurate treatment my acne was mostly gone and but few months after finishing accutane my acne slowly started to show up again. It is not as severe as it was but gradually it is getting worse. I started using benzoyl peroxide to treat it and I was very helpful for a while but later it became less effective so I started using Differin and it really messed up my face at first but later I was seeing great results but unfortunately for some health reasons I discounted use and my acne became even worse (but thank God not as bad as before accutane). It’s been over a year now that I started using benzoyl peroxide again alongside niacinamide serum and basic cleanser but my face acne is still not gone completely and my back acne is actually pretty bad.

I recently seen a new dermatologist (moved to another city) and he told me to start accutane and said that my scars are very bad which really made me very self conscious even though I was very well aware of my scars but was not thinking they were that severe. I have to be honest, my scars effect my self esteem very badly. I rarely try to meet new people or take pictures and as young adult trying to start a career it is very frustrating to think that people judge you based on looks since we are living in a society that very focused on looks. People have made some negative comments about my acne and my acne scars and it really hurts. It also physically effective since I can not shave my face and I only use trimmer because every time I shave I get even more acne caused by irritation. 

I am in a very depressed mental state, there are other reasons for that as well but acne played a crucial role. I don’t know if I ever get rid of my acne but I’d like to stay hopeful but I’m losing very last bits of it.

I know that first I have to get rid of my acne and then treat my scars (at least that’s what docs say) and frankly I am not financially able to afford any treatments at the moment but I’d like to know what do you think about my scars and what methods are the best for treating them?


I apologies if I made any errors since English is not my first language.




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Treating the scars can be a never-ending journey. The various treatments can be a hit or a miss and you won't know unless you try them. But take things one things at a time first.

I'd treat the existing acne to prevent further scars. If you have current acne scars, and if your skin currently has existing acne, it's possible that the existing acne can become scars since your skin is prone to scarring. If you were recommended Accutane by your dermatologist, I'd consider that. I used Accutane in the past, and I wish I had started just 1 or 2 months sooner as I look back, as all of my scars could have been prevented. I started Accutane just a few months late which resulted in acne that had formed scars as I was waiting for my next dermatologist visit which was backed up for months. If you do not wish to do Accutane, you can look into Agnes acne treatment. It's basically a laser that zaps the acne and kills the oil glands. You may need multiple treatments but it will just as effective as Accutane. 

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En primera estancia, no se ven tan mal tus cicatrices... deberias tratar tu acne primero, ¿Quizas si pruebas un antibiótico tópico?, Podrías usar Clindamicina eso si, no debes pasar 12 semanas de tratamiento con ella ya que como es un antibiótico podrías causar resistencia bacteriana, en segunda instancia podrias tratar de usar mederma, como tu presupuesto es ajustado te podría servir, no te ayudara mucho con las cicatrices atroficas pero si ayudara mucho con el color y la textura de la piel :), actualmente estoy usando un régimen parecido y vaya que me esta funcionando... Aparte de suprimir algunos alimentos de mi dieta, deberias intentarlo... Nada pierdes, saludos


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