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What treatment you guys suggest?

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Tried several sessions of subcison last year but DR didnt used Fillers with it RF needling, DermaPen everything is done but obviously not at a proper manner DR's these days just want money, Now I'm thinking to continue my scar treatment after resting for a year, already wasted tons of thousands of dollars because of my lack of knowledge. But This forum has a lot of professional members like BA. 

Now this time I'll not get scammed by Dermatologists, Anyways what do you guys think I should do first?

The picture is kinda blue because I Screenshot it from a footage in which the lightning was good and my scars were clearly visible, I'll upload more soon.


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hard to tell from that low res picture. but looks like mostly jagged boxcar scarring. Recommend phenol or TCA cross. Phenol cross is less risky in terms of less scar widening. Can round out boxcars as well as fill them but mainly for icepick scars. Also don't know how much volume you lost but you don't have to do fillers a the same time as subcision you can do them separately if your doctor is refusing. Any experienced injector can inject you with whatever filler it doesn't have to be a top 1% acne scar doctor. Since your scars look more together and widespread I would look into sculptra.

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