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How Many Subcisions/Infini RF sessions do you typically need?

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I had subcision with suctioning done on 09 December 2019 and then two weeks later had Infini RF done at 3.5mm at Level 6. I did this procedure abroad so I did not have the time to wait between the two treatments. Needless to say I am waiting til March (the three month mark) to get another acne scar treatment. 

Looking at my scars occassionally in the harshest of lighting I can say that the scars are definitely less deep. They're still somewhat pronounced but not as bad as they used to be. However I'm concerned if I should I go ahead and do another subcision with potentially filler again before I go ahead and do another Infini RF session in March. I'm guessing that one more of each will give me the best results for my acne scars progress now as opposed to any other point in time. 

Afterwards I'm planning on focusing on texturing and tone as my face still has that wavy, "warzone" type feel after years of oiliness and acne scarring treatment. Trying to see if Dr. Rullan can use Phenol peel on me as I'm actually trying to remove some stubborn hyperpigmentation and skin damage. I'm 28 but people think I'm 10 years older most of the time! T_T 

Pictures: The 4 panel photo was from 2014 when I first got Fractora Firm for my scars. Three treatments with super mild improvement. All for $7000 USD!

I feel that another subcision may be necessary as the tethered scarring on my left side of the face concerns me most. They did however improve substantially since 2014.







July 2014.JPG

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Nice! Thank you for sharing your pics! Any improvement is always worth celebrating.

My take for you is to focus all your treatment to only two - subcision (filler or not, it's up to you) and Infini. Keep going with those. Expect to do at least 5 sessions of both to see significant results. 

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