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I can't believe it's first time I'm opening up.

It's been a long fight. 10 years.

The day when I realized it's not a flight, I won.

At least 3 hours every day in the bathroom. Does it sounds familiar to you?

Well, that was my life.

We don't need a details, because you know what happened there.

Googling the answers for all day long. 

Buying expensive noncomedogenic hypoallergenic products 

Using dermatologist prescribed medication 

Cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar.

It wasn't enough.

Eating only meat and salads for a half year. 

Drinking a lot of water.

Beeing active. 


Nothing changed. There was a good skin days and terrible skin days. 

Well here I am. 

I had a massive emotional breakdown and I started to eat everything I want (mostly gluten dairy and sugar) and I started to wash my face only once per day with water only and my hands ( it takes less than a 30 seconds)

no make up

no moisturizer

no supplements 

no nothing 

And somehow my face is clean now. 

I feel like everyone lied to me. 

Any thoughts?


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yes, sounds familiar.

I learned too that skin should be left alone as much as possible, I went through all the moisturizers, skin oils, diets, whatever, and concluded it did more harm than good. Unfortunately a whole (internet) industry has been build upon it. 

After reading interviews with 2 dermatologists, the eyeopener for me was that your skin doesn't really need a moisturizer, in the words of one of them: ''all you do is sticking dead skin cells that should fall off back to your skin''.

The exception for me are the ingredients that really work for specific skin problems (retinoids and AHA/BHA's) but these are mostly for temporary use. 

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Less is more in my opinion but in some cases a regime or pills are needed.

The skincare industry is definitely corrupt, if cures for certain types of cancer can be found but there is no cure for a minor skin issues like acne/rosacea etc how does that work?

This industry generates LOTS AND LOTS of money, so of course they don't want a cure for acne to be found or released to the public.

Mild acne should definitely be treated with nothing.  Once you get sucked into the skincare products you feel like you can never give them up.

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