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Salt water really helped me

Long story short; I noticed that after a long stay at the beach, my skin was much better. I thought, what could be different? The sun, but tanning salons are bad for your skin. And salt water. So I thought, hey, let's give it a shot, it's basically free. I bought a spray bottle from a hardware store and I sprayed salt water on my face and let it dry, once in the morning and once before bed. It completely cured my acne in a month. I must admit my acne was light, but still, I was 32 and I've had acne my whole life. It was pretty bad in my teens, then it wasn't so bad as an adult. It got much better after my girlfriend showed me micellar water, but still, I always had a few spots, especially in winter. Now I only use salt water spray, argan oil and salt scrub (again, just salt) on my face and my skin is better than ever. It's much less oily too because when you stop scrubbing off the oil with soap, your skin produces less in return.

Obviously, I'm not saying it's gonna work for you, but f you want to give it a shot, it's gonna cost you two dollars. And you know it's not bad for you, it's just table salt, you can just add that to your routine. You need a bottle with a trigger, because a push button mechanism will get jammed. Personally, I dissolve as much salt as I can. It stung a bit in the beginning, but I really quickly got used to it (talking about days). I think that if you have broken skin, it will hurt more, but no worse than going in the sea. I'm pretty sure you could just slowly get used to it (maybe use lower concentration in the beginning?).

Unless I am mistaken, this works because of osmotic pressure, the water pressure across barriers that only let water through, when there is a concentration difference. Since the concentration gradients tend to equalize but the dissolved molecules can't cross the barrier, the water flows instead. The bacteria are in the salt water, so water flows out of them and they die. Your skin cells are protected, because they are on the other side of a waterproof membrane (the last layer of your skin, the dead cells) and the pressure from concentration gradients doesn't work across waterproof membranes.

The bacteria cannot adapt to this, because that would make them burst in fresh water, as the direction of osmotic pressure would be reversed. This solved the problem I had with the other treatments I tried, based on an acid or basic solution. These worked in the beginning, but then lost their efficiency (I'm sure many of you can relate), and I had to keep upping the concentration, but then it hurt my skin as well.

If you do try it, I would love to know if it helps you!


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Even better is to use purified water or de ionized water then essentially re ionize it with a controlled amount of electrolytes ( sodium I.e salt  potassium and magnesium).

I wouldn't use tap water, especially hard water, then add salt to it. The mixture of both with all the different chemicals in, whilst having good results at first, will eventually dry out the skin causing new irritation and lead to inflamed breakouts.

Adding some Epsom salts to normal bath water is fine though as our bodies skin is tougher then facial skin.

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