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Acne marks or scars? How to deal?

Hi everyone! 

I’m new to this forum! I’ve found it after researching for acne on google and would like to ask if anyone knows whether those shown in the image are acne scars or marks and how should I go about remedying it? 


I have never suffered from acne my entire life but about a year ago I suffered an acne outbreak which continues to leave these scars even a year later. I have also noticed that using St. Ives’ Apricot Scrub has caused more acne and red spots to appear on my face. 


These spots on my face and my ignorance on whether they are scars or marks and permanent or temporary has led to much anxiety, depression and emotional anguish. Hoping someone here could advice me on some steps to take towards healing. 







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From what i can see, you have some post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is temporary and can last for a few weeks to several months, it depends on the person. 

The best way to prevent pih is to prevent acne from even forming at the first place. Look for salycilic acid 2% serums or lotions ( paula's choice/ the ordinary...) or adapalene (differin) which is available over the counter in some countries. Be aware of avoiding sulfates in your cleanser and ensure it is for sensitive skin. Overal, make sure ALL your skincare products are non comedogenic aka no oils, no mineral oil, low in silicone etc. ( always check the ingredient list on the site cosdna.com) and prefer gel-like moisturisers. Also check your diet ( avoid dairy, sugar, high glycemic index food...). Zinc and omega 3 supplements are also great.

For pih, look for vitamin c but in its potent form ( l- ascorbic acid). Skinceuticals, allies of skin, niod (the cheapest i can find) are good ones. It is not cheap but effective. Use it in the morning before moisturiser.

If you have ice pick scars ( from the photo i can't really see), you should consider going to a dermatologist for laser or tca cross.

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