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What do you guys suggest for these type of scars?

Hi fellow skincare addicts, I'm seeking your advice for my skin. What can you tell me based on my pictures /description?
So I've had moderate acne since I was 16 (I am now 36).
What eventually got rid of it for me was quitting sugar and wheat completely.
And now, 3 months ago I started using topical Isotretinoin 0.05% (Retrieve cream) which I believe has helped to keep any more clogged pores or black heads at bay and is helping to gradually fade the leftover acne scars which were also worsened by my addictive picking and meddling. Luckily none of the scars are indented or raised its mostly just hyper pigmentation.

Another reason I wanted to continue with the topical isotretinoin is that I have read that used over the long term topical retinoids are very good for reversing photo damage and wrinkles. I use it correctly as in only at night and use a lot of sunscreen during the day and I have noticed a difference in the quality and texture of my skin.

I have tried googling this but couldn't find a straight forward answer....If my acne is now under control, and my main objective now is reducing hyper pigmentation, scars, reduction of pore size, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and helping my collagen production ..... Then which type of vitamine A derivative is better for long term use? Should I keep using the isotretinoin cream which seems to be working really well or do i switch to Retinol, or other Retinoid.  What is the difference between topical tretinoin and topical isotretinoin????

Also I am aware there are a few other options available such as:

Lazer Resurfacing (Erbium Lazer or Carbon dioxide lazer)

LED infrared light facials

exfoliative procedures such as Dermabrasion / face planing / chemical peels

Plasma injections

Which if any of these treatments or other treatments would you recommend for my skin type? Do i even need any extra treatments or just keep going if its working?

Daily I use Isotretinoin 0.5% at night, Daytime Sukin paraben free face wash, Aesop vitamine C booster serum and face oil, natural zinc based sunscreen.

Photo on 22-12-2019 at 3.43 pm #2.jpg

Photo on 22-12-2019 at 3.43 pm #3.jpg

Photo on 22-12-2019 at 3.43 pm #4.jpg

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The pictures you have look like only discoloration. If you have scars maybe try to take them in angled lighting or with the lights off in the dark and only the light on your phone on. Either way don't do lasers like erbium as this won't help. Retin-A and chemical peels could help. If you have ice pick scars which I think I see some in the first pic, go for TCA or phenol CROSS. 

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I believe tropical isotretinoin and tropical tretinoin are the same,someone may correct me on this.

I've read lasers can damage your skin  and cost alot of money with minimal scar improvement.

I would try dermapen with nano needles (pain free needles),then TCA peels.Start the peels with a low percentage TCA acid (about 12%) and work your way up the TCA percentage ladder.Always do a small test patch the TCA just in case your body reacted to the TCA acid.

I use vitamin E oil to moisturize (natures bounty vit E oil) my skin and a sunblock no less than SPF30.The sun can still penetrate the clouds when its a cloudy day,so put sunblock on all year round.

Take multivitamin tabs that contain aces (Vitamin A,C,E and S).Iron tabs are also good for healing wounds,15ml per day should be alright.

Don't try to do too much treatment at once,too much treatment in a short period of time can make your problem worse.The key to improving your scar is to do thing slowly,collagen take upto 6 months to renew.

I wouldn't worry too much,you're beautiful as you are.


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You basically have no discernible scarring from your pictures.  At most, I might look into some TCA peels to even out texture and color.  Otherwise, I think your skin is good....

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You don't have any visible acne scars in that photo. You do have some acne marks and discoloration. Those are temporary. However, a TCA light or medium-high TCA peel could really help even things out. It would cost a few hundred dollars for a session. I'd strongly recommend having it done by a professional, as using TCA at home is risky.

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