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Not sure what acne is this


I am 21 and I have never broken out bad. I recently began getting acne on my forehead. This has been going on for a month now and I’m not sure what type of acne it is or how to cure it. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


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So this could be fungal acne. I am not an expert in this type of acne but there are a lot of discussions about how to treat it in this site. You could go to check.

You have to stick to a regimen for at least 6 weeks to decide if it works or not. 

If this does not work , maybe it is not fungal and you could try using glycolic acid in small percentages a few times a week followed by a gentle moisturiser.

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Thank you for getting back, I’ve been doing research and have come across fungal acne as well. Do you believe any medication may have caused this? I started getting it after I told vitamin injections and anti-inflammation pills of which I have stopped taking after I noticed the breakouts. I’ve heard dandruff shampoo is good but not sure. Thank you, again. Also, would I have to stick to the regimen? I’m not used to using a lot of products since I’ve only used water and Nivea since I was a kid. 

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Yes i have heard that fungal acne can be caused by oral medications. Anti fungal acne products do not seem to be complicated or expensive. Here is an article on this https://theklog.co/what-is-fungal-acne/

as for the moisturiser, i sugest facetheory supergel m3 ( no fatty acids and not expensive) and cerave cleanser (very cheap).

and yes you HAVE to stick to a regimen before deciding if it works or not.

good luck (again i am not an expert on this, so check other forums about fungal acne)

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