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Help please!! Anyone been on Spironolactone!!!!

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I’ve been on Spironolactone for a year. It has saved my skin. I also know that if I were to stop talking it, my acne would come back. Today my dermatologist said that since I’m clear maybe I should go off it now. I said I’d like to stay on it as long as possible because I know my hormones will be a problem until the day I die. He said he’d write me another refill, and do some bloodwork and consult again before continuing the prescription. I’m VERY worried because the only reason I’m clear right now is the Spiro. I’m also a little upset that my dermatologist is considering taking me off it. I still have a huge cyst on my jaw. I’m hoping I can convince him I need to be on it or I’ll have another cystic outbreak like my older sister and father still get.... ugh.


did anyone who’s been on Spironolactone have to go off after success? Did your acne return quickly? I’m worried, I was suicidal when my face was broken out.

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Hi.  I've been on spiro four years and it has not been the miracle drug i had hoped.  I can't answer from experience whether or not your acne will return but from my research, since spiro is an androgen blocker, once off it, it will cease to do it's job of blocking androgen.  This means that if this was the cause of your acne, your skin would revert back to it's form.  Good luck with your derm. Also, it may help to see what natural alternatives to spiro there is.  

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Why does your doctor want you to go off of it? I did not realize spiro required regular bloodwork (new bloodwork showed everything is okay) and my dermatologist also doesn't seem keen on me staying on it. It causes me to have very frequent periods - once it was like a week and a half in between periods!

I'd been on it for about 18 months. I stopped taking it for a month and started getting painful cysts again on my jaw, chin, and mouth. Restarted Spiro and they started calming down almost instantly. Currently on 50 mg. Once my skin calms down, I might try to lower it to 25 mg.

I've been on 3 rounds of Accutane, different antibiotics and birth control...Accutane works for about 6 months after I stop taking it. Spiro has been amazing for me and I'm in my thirties. I don't want to damage myself but Spiro works...

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i would look into getting a new derm. that seems odd to me. i have been on it for over 7 years and my derm never mentioned once about me going off of it. i take 100mg a day. i get blood work once a year to be safe but my derm never pushes it. 

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