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Accutane Journey Round 3 - 37/male (20mg)

Hi all,

I’ve struggled with acne for 20+ years - I have mild/moderate persistence acne, red bumps that just appear randomly all over my face, no area of my face is safe but forehead and cheeks seem to be the most common areas for breakouts.

I've tried every topical/antibiotic/treatment/diet/lifestyle change under the sun, and even had a course of Accutane aged 17 which helped for a while. But when I hit 30, the spots came back. I tried a 2nd course of Accutane last July, but had to stop treatment after less than 2 weeks due to severe headaches.

I went to the dermatologist yesterday and have been put back on Accutane - he wanted to try me on topical Isotretinoin due to the headaches on the previous round, but I managed to persuade him otherwise, due to the fact that my skin is super sensitive and ANYTHING I put on my face blows my face up (even a Salicylic Acid facewash burns like hell). Looking back, there's a chance that the headaches were possibly due to dehydration so am making sure I drink loads of water this time round.

Anyway, will be documenting my journey on here... fingers crossed.


Day 2:
So far so good, few new spots popped up overnight but no headaches to report yet :)

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19 hours ago, Fighback said:

Will you keep us updated?


Yes :)

Day 3:
More spots appeared overnight, my face is as bad as it's been for a while but guess this is part of the IB phase.

Face doesn't seem as greasy today, so I'm hopeful that things may be starting to happen already.

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Day 4:
Few more spots today, face looks pretty red too.

Not happy with how things look currently, but the thought of long term improvement is keeping me optimistic.

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Day 6:
Face feels so SO dry today, redness at it's worse so far, trying to moisturise like crazy but it's not helping much.

If anyone has any suggestions for moisture to help me please let me know here!

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Day 7:
OMG face is red raw today, so so dry, I'm struggling with the dry face and eyes so sore :(

Other than moisturizing like a madman, anyone got any tips to help please?

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Day 8:

So, with a heavy heart I've decided to quite Accutane (20mg) after just 7 days.

My reasons are for the following side effects:

Extremely dry/red face - My face looks and feels like I've got a really bad sunburn, it's really red.

Very sore / dry / bloodshot eyes - My vision is a little blurry already too.

Headaches - becoming worse every day.

I'm gutted that I'm quitting so early into treatment - I had started a log on here to document my changes and was feeling positive.

If I was to continue with this treatment there's no doubt that the side effects would get a lot worse - and also there's no guarantee that this will fix my skin anyway!!

So that's it, back to the drawing board - I'm just not willing to put myself through all this.


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Well done, @Tomh82

And do yourself a favor. Never try it again.

Nobody should try this gland exterminator "treatment", an invention of some lab lunatics who don’t give a damn about people’s health.

Out of curiosity, and if you don’t mind my asking these type of questions. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your acne? Does acne stress you out and make you feel uncomfortable socially?

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