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Do you think microneedling + skin booster can improve my skin condition?

Hello I'm 22 I live in brazil and since 13 I suffer from acne. I already tried accutane 3 times. The last treatment ended in may of this year. I had some cystic acne that caused me scars. I have mostly rolling scars that bothers me a lot and just a few icepicks and boxscar.  

So as you may guess I'm just waiting to start my treatment in november.  Since I've a medium to dark skin, my doctor prefers to not do lasers-treatments on my face, however, she's gonna start microneedling  with dermaroller and in the end of treatment (probably 7+ treatments) she will apply skinbooster.

Do you think my skin can improve just with this?  There aren't many doctors that do subcision treatments here in my city even I'm thinking it would be better for my skin than microneedling.

Also I don't think my marks are so deep, but they bother me a lot with this flaccid aspect.  These on my left cheek are mostly rollings they almost disappear when I stretch my skin. Btw I also have hyperpigmentation spots. 

Right side:



Left side:





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I have a similar sunken in spot like yours. The only way to treat it is subcision+suction cup and then fillers. It looks like a wider area so something that volumizes it like sculptra might be the best option. The good news is it doesn't look bad. The bad news it it gets worse with age, you are still young so you have have plenty of time to look for good doctors and injectors. I am sure there are plenty in Brazil.

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