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Hi guys. I have been on the regimen for about a month and a half now. I started September 11th. I am glad to report that my acne for the most part is gone and the major black spots are going away buuut…my face and neck (I made the mistake of putting it on my neck) are about 4 shades darker than my chest and body. I have resorted to wearing shirts that come up to my neck but the difference is still so visible. Everyone keeps commenting on it. I have the AHA cream that I mix with the moisturizer and started using it last night. Is there any suggestion on what I should do? 


I never go out into the sun without an umbrella even before starting acne.org. I do one pump of the AHA and one pump of moisturizer nightly. Is it too much or will it work? It tingles for a few minutes then stops. I do need your help. Thanks 

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Remove old pigmented skin by laser or glycolic acid monthly. Clean your targeted skin area by cotton everyday. Wear clothes that make you appear lighter. Makeup helps a lot. Sunblocker must be applied during the day (skinceuticals SPF50). Hydroquinone cream should be applied (low percentage is recommended). Retin-A cream should be applied one time weekly to remove mild pigmented skin. Fillers help to remove and hide darker patches. Glutathione Injection fights free radicals (has to be prescribed). Exercise daily help you to refresh your skin. Healthy food is recommended. Be more energetic and drink enough water. You may need to do most of the above to see some lightening as it is not easy.

AHA cream is a great option & you should be applied at night. If your skin is sensitive, you should apply it every other day or three times a week. Unfortunately, It is hard to see major change with only one option. You may see but it will takes months. Note that sun rays are casing skin pigmentation so you may use an umbrella but the rays are targeting your skin partially. Good luck.

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