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My severe acne began suddenly at the beginning of 2018. I would literally go onto websites such as Acne.org or Youtube and search a cure for acne, and then I would buy every product they mentioned. I was extremely depressed. I could not go out with friends because I hated my skin. I could not Facetime or video chat people because I did not want to look at myself. I cried every morning because new ones would surface and they were painful and itchy at times, but, I was still hopeful I will find a cure. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2019 that I came across a video on Youtube of a girl explaining that she had fungal acne and she had been using a product with Ketoconazole (I cannot remember the product’s name, I just recall it had the important ingredient, Ketoconazole). She also explained that if your acne is itchy then it is probably not bacterial acne, it is perhaps fungal acne. I believe that statement she made about your acne being itchy was the determining factor for me to purchase a product with Ketoconazole (I ordered the product from a chinese website). When I first started using it, I did not see any results. It was not until the third week that I started to noticed my tiny little bumps on my forehead along with the large pimples on both sides of my cheeks completely go away. As of recently, I do get a pimple once a month and it arrives around the time I get my period. So, for those of you who have tried everything and see no results, I urge you to try Ketoconazole. I hope every single one of you guys find a cure to your acne. God bless you all. 

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