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Hard sebum (rice like grain) plugs in eyebrows causing eyebrow hairloss

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Been dealing with this for 2 years now...

Has anyone experienced hard sebum (rice like grain) plugs in their eyebrows causing the eyebrow hair to fall out? I used to have Seb Derm in my eyebrows and I feel like the two are interconnected.

I saw someone here post about it in 2014, but has stopped responding.

If someone has found a solution, I would love to know as I am really desperate. 

Just some background info:

- I have dehydrated skin (dry yet oily)

- face feels really tight after I shower so I have to slather vaseline and other moisturizers on my face that do not feed the seb derm that I used to have.

Look forward to hearing from anyone! Thank you in advance. 

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Hello my friend,

I’m so happy to be able to offer you the cure for your suffering.

I had the exact same problem in my eyebrows and scalp all over my face. I had this condition for 1 year and half and it ruined my life at that time. But fortunately by accident I found out what is causing this in the first place! It’s not seborrheic dermatitis, you may have Seb Derm from before but this is completely different and has nothing to do with Seb Derm.

Dont worry your skin will transform in only 1 week and your brows will grow back, I used to be in the same boat as you are right now but look at me now I’ve recovered completely!

so to the solution:

this problem is caused by essential fatty acid deficiency!

our skin cells need EFA to function properly, if there’s a deficiency the skin can not absorb and hold on to the water to keep our skin hydrated, that’s why our sebum glands start overproducing a rich kind of sebum to compensate for the lack of water in the tissue, which will actually make things worse!!

What you need to do is to load up on those essential fatty acids (Omega3,6,9). Chia seeds are the number 1 source of essential fatty acids as well as fatty fishes!

dont take all that synthetic EFA supplements, take natural sources of EFA, like chia seeds, 2-3 spoons per daily is great

once you up your intake of these, your skin will transform in less than a week, but don’t forget that we have developed a severe essential fatty acid deficiency so we need to keep getting them a lot in our diet : )

Much respect to your patience, I know how depressing this condition is but you got it bro, go cure it : )))

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Hi everyone, i hope it is not too late for telling you this, well, since 2018, ive been loosing my eyebrow, eyelashes, and sideburns hair, and let me introduce all this shit correctly, now i´m 18 yo, when everything started, i was 16, and i was really stupid, i had a really thick eyebrows and a very large eyelashes, and i dont know what i was thinking in that moment, i started to put in my eyebrows and side burns castor oil this because i wanted to have more hair ( very stupid) and its necessary to say that i´ve had oily face since i started my teenager phase. On the other hand y started to consume high glycemic levels food such as white bread, instant pasta, and too much cheese and milk, and also i started to consume multivitaminics ( thing that is stupid for a young man who doesnt need it) and biotin supplements separately. All the things that i did exploded me in my face ( not literally haha) I realized that i started to have a strange thing in my eyebrows and eyelashes, something white/ yellow, a large layer of hardened sebum, and I say layer because at that time I had too much that it was difficult to distinguish where the hair began to grow, I lost my hair a lot, ran my finger through my eyebrow and more than 20 hairs came off in each washing , it was horrible i was loosing hair everyday during two years !! I was too scared and i went to a dermatologist who told me that i had seb derm, and he prescribed me ketoconazole in shampoo but it doesnt work, through these two years i went to many doctors, anyone helped me at all, and this because everyone told me that i had seb derm with a lot of treatments that just affected my skin, during these two years  i changed my diet, which help me a bit, but without too much knowledge i was taking too much vitamins ( i thought that it could help me), i kept loosing my eyebrows and nothing seemed to help me. I dont know how to tell you about 2020 haha well i´m going to try to explain you all correctly. 2020 arrived, i already lost too much hair specially in eyebrows, but i still had it, not too much hair as before but i had it, i kept taking vitamins and eating well ( i avoided milk, bread and white rice) and washing my face just with chamomile shampoo. I kept this "routine" untill quarantine arrived to my country in march, my skin at that point  was not cured but it did not look bad, I changed my routine to have better results, I started to clean my face with micellar water and I also started to put moisturizers on my skin, in addition i increased my vitamin dose, this was is a serious mistake which led to the problem getting worse and having lost much more hair. I was very sad and dissapointed. BUT HERE ALL CHANGED, in june I went to a recommended doctor in my country,  who told me that all the previous doctors diagnosed me wrong, i have microcystic acne, and the main culprits of these are: complex b vitamins excess which makes the acne worst, biotin which changed the compossition of the sebum ( makes it harder and with the aspect of a sand grain, and also increases the keratinization process making that your sebum galnds produce more sebum that it should) and obviously the oil that i put on my face....... ( I forgot to say that after three months after the problem started, the sebum on my eyebrows began to change and it no longer looked like a layer of sebum but looked like a lot of grains of sand at the root of the hairs.)  He send me a treatment which consist in retinoids and more things that i dont know very well, at this point, in july my skin is too much better, the treatment is hard but i´m sure that it worths.
-Microcystic acne its not a very documented illness on internet so you cant find a lot of information of that, consult it just with a proffessional

- If you dont need vitamins dont take it in supplements, specifically biotin ( whether it says that it help with hair growth, actually it helps, but in excess is very bad) and vitamin b complex 

- If you have oily skin dont put on your face moisturizers or oil, please dont do it

-The treatment at the begining is difficult and probably you are going to loose more hair, but it will end, and you dont have to scare about that 

-Dont try to fix the problem by yourself, that was my worst mistake

-I was sure that i dont have seb derm beacuse i dont have itchy, flaky and red skin


I hope this can help you, and i hope all people who are suffering this shit can be cured 

psdt: sorry if my ideas are not very clear, i dont speak english perfectly 


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I suffer from this exact same issue for years! It started when I was 15 and my skin started to get severely oily I am now turning 21 tomorrow and still no cure!! If you have any idea of what it could be and how to get rid of it please let me know I would be so thankful 

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