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Hard sebum (rice like grain) plugs in eyebrows causing eyebrow hairloss

Been dealing with this for 2 years now...

Has anyone experienced hard sebum (rice like grain) plugs in their eyebrows causing the eyebrow hair to fall out? I used to have Seb Derm in my eyebrows and I feel like the two are interconnected.

I saw someone here post about it in 2014, but has stopped responding.

If someone has found a solution, I would love to know as I am really desperate. 

Just some background info:

- I have dehydrated skin (dry yet oily)

- face feels really tight after I shower so I have to slather vaseline and other moisturizers on my face that do not feed the seb derm that I used to have.

Look forward to hearing from anyone! Thank you in advance. 

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Hello my friend,

I’m so happy to be able to offer you the cure for your suffering.

I had the exact same problem in my eyebrows and scalp all over my face. I had this condition for 1 year and half and it ruined my life at that time. But fortunately by accident I found out what is causing this in the first place! It’s not seborrheic dermatitis, you may have Seb Derm from before but this is completely different and has nothing to do with Seb Derm.

Dont worry your skin will transform in only 1 week and your brows will grow back, I used to be in the same boat as you are right now but look at me now I’ve recovered completely!

so to the solution:

this problem is caused by essential fatty acid deficiency!

our skin cells need EFA to function properly, if there’s a deficiency the skin can not absorb and hold on to the water to keep our skin hydrated, that’s why our sebum glands start overproducing a rich kind of sebum to compensate for the lack of water in the tissue, which will actually make things worse!!

What you need to do is to load up on those essential fatty acids (Omega3,6,9). Chia seeds are the number 1 source of essential fatty acids as well as fatty fishes!

dont take all that synthetic EFA supplements, take natural sources of EFA, like chia seeds, 2-3 spoons per daily is great

once you up your intake of these, your skin will transform in less than a week, but don’t forget that we have developed a severe essential fatty acid deficiency so we need to keep getting them a lot in our diet : )

Much respect to your patience, I know how depressing this condition is but you got it bro, go cure it : )))

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