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Yesterday, while quickly pulling off my jacket, my finger somehow hit my forehead and my nail took some skin off leaving a long, wide and shallow scar. I have skin-picking disorder so I have to deal with ice pick scars and other scars all over my face (mostly on my cheeks), but they are barely noticeable with makeup on; this is something else and I know it's going to leave an ugly scar. The worst part is that I didn't do it intentionally like I do when I compulsively pick my skin, so I can't even blame myself, but I wish I was more careful with my hands (I accidentally hit myself a lot). I tried to go to class today but anxiety wouldn't let me (I'm a third year college student...). Please help me. Tell me what can I do to help it scar faster and better, tell me if there is hope for this scar :(

PS: I was thinking about ways to cover the scar...is it ok if I apply makeup on it? Is it ok if I cut a fringe to cover it up with my hair? Please take into account that in these photos the scar is less than a day old.IMG_20191015_093316.jpg.e02fbace4c95de3c798a7f2095c1429b.jpgIMG_20191015_093328.jpg.5cbd97ec93e5cd21df65f7f098d3b137.jpg


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Hey, how are you holding up?


I had a similar accident one day. While i was doing a chemical peel for my forehead scars, ironically, i managed to hit my forehead on a corner and make a little cut. 

Well, i cant see the depth of your injury, which is crucial to say how long term this can be. 

For me, the scar is still there 2 months later. Pigmentation has improved, the more superficial part of the impact has healed and is gone, however the deeper part is scarred. 

Its okay to put on makeup if you want. But have confidence, thats sexy. 

Its about perspective, accidents happen, but there are life impacting accidents and this isnt one of them. 

For me, it took a long time to start embacing my scars. I do treatments ofcourse, but it is a marathon. 

Patience, confidence and self-love. 

I hope u have a great day, and please, dont pick your skin- i made the same mistake when i first got acne years ago. Made things alot worse and scarred. Its an anxiety thing, look into psychological (self/professional) help



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Keep it moist (light moisturiser) and put healing cream on it (savlon or sudocream, if you can get either depending on where you are, or any antiseptic healing cream you can buy, prefarably one with zinc oxide or other zinc derivative). It will heal and look a lot better soon. 

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