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Subcision Acne Scars!!!

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I went to see a plastic surgeon for my acne scars recently and they just recommended to me subcision, filler, and Genius RF. Does anyone have any experience with these treatments? How much improvement did you see after your first session and how many do you think I'll need? All 3 necessary? Its about 2k-3k per treatment so its expensive and I'm trying to see if this is something many people have seen improvement on. I don't see what the filler will do in terms of long term improvement so if someone could also clarify that with me. With it being this expensive should I consider going out of the country? Anyone have experience with THAT?! 


Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make the right decision. Attached is a picture of my scarring for reference. 


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That treatment plan makes sense to me and I personally would go forward with it. I'm sure others can post more details on the mechanism of repair from the treatments. 

I live in the Midwest of the US and I'm paying just over 3k for my first 3 genius sessions. For genius rf it would usually be up to 6 sessions with a minimum of 3. I suppose that depends on the results of each. I personally wouldn't travel for that particular treatment and feel that's a fair price. I'm happy to be using the new device and I'm being seen by a reputable team for my area.  I do think your skin would be responsive. Good diet and good skincare while healing and you'd likely see results. RF Microneedling, fillers, and subcision all have good reputations for results of some kind. 

You seem to be in good hands because the surgeon understands the proper steps. Hopefully you get more information from others here and best of luck on your journey.




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