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Mild/Severe acne scarring; what to do/who to see?

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Hey guys,

So here's a quick summary about my acne history: started getting terrible acne when i turned 15 and like an idioit i picked and popped all of my pimples, which left acne scars as you can see below. Even the pimples that i left alone and did not even touch, left scars on my face (my skin scars very, very easily). Had acne until i was 21 and 21 was also the year i finally had health insurance and was prescribed monocycline, which was a god send because it stopped my breakouts. Stopped taking monocycline at 23 because i did not need it anymore. I am now 30 and no longer get acne other than the occasional breakout once every 4 to 6 months. The problem is my acne scars remain and it's completely destroyed my self-esteem (as in, i don't have any self confidence because my scarring is all i think about when i talk to people and when other gay guys try flirting with me. I never make the first move to flirt and instead just wait for other guys to flirt with me because my acne scars really have destroyed any confidence i ever had). So I need help with 3 things:

1. What type of acne scarring do i have? (I personally think i have a combination of boxcar and rolling scars but i'm not sure).

2. What treatments would work on my acne scars? (I've had acid peels done on my face once a month, every month, for 3 years straight and it helped lessen my scars but not completely gotten rid of them, so i don't want any acid peels as part of my potential treatment).

3. Who should i go see to get acne scar treatments done on my face? I live in Bergen County New Jersey but work in Manhattan; so i would prefer seeing a doctor/dermatologist/anyone really; within Manhattan or the 5 boroughs, or even in North Jersey. Preferably in New York City however. On youtube there's a dermatologist named Dr. Lim (he's from Australia) who is an amazing dermatologist but im not going to travel to Australia to go see him and get my face done. So someone similar to Dr. Lim but living in New York City/North Jersey. I want a dermatologist/doctor who is understanding and listens to their patients, and more importantly is an expert in acne scar revision.

At certain angles in the sun, my skin looks really good and you cannot see the acne scarring at all (for example the 4th picture that i posted my skin looks great when the sunlight hits my face straight on). However, in synthetic lighting in buildings (like at my job for instance) my acne scars look much worse because of the overhead lighting.

Thank you all and i look forward to meeting you guys and reading all your comments!







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Hey, I don’t have answers for you in terms of treatment, but I just wanted to tell you that to me (and to most other people) your scars look mild and I hope you can prevent them from affecting your confidence. I’m not saying that to undermine how they make you feel, because I know to you they’re probably all you see. But I think most people would hardly notice them, and I can almost guarantee that most guys wouldn’t care at all. I would know because I also have relatively mild scarring (at least compared to a lot of people) and although it affects my confidence, when I make myself talk to girls they couldn’t care less about it. You should still get treatment if that’s what you want, but in the meantime don’t let it stop you from living your life and talking to people. It could be so much worse.


edit: noticed you said talking to guys, not girls.

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Being completely objective here... Your scars are mild.  Subcision and fillers would work well for you, in particular because the texture of your skin is in good overall condition.   You just need to lifts the indentations.   I do not see a need for super aggressive procedures like lasers, which should always be left to the end anyway.

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a few sessions of subcision with suction and maybe your last session with HA filler. Chinese cupping:

Get a Derminator 2 they are cheap and learn how to use it, its basically free improvement and do it after your subs when the needle holes close. Learn how to wear makeup using powder foundation (look up wayne goss video on how to cover up acne) you will need it to cover up downtime bruising. 


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