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I'm getting such acne since 5months now, just after the onset of summer. It has dented my forehead already and is now on my cheeks. Please help


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Is your skin oily? Is it dry?

If oily, make sure to add salycilic acid 2% in a face wash( and leave ot for a few min) or serum and no matter your skin type, add niacinamide 10% in serum form (wait 15 min after sal serum before putting niacinamide).

To help with inflammation, even if your skin is dry, add sulfur ointment to spot treat ( look for delacruz sulfur ointment 10% for ex). Also, keep your skin hydrated with non comedogenic gel (no silicones, mineral oil, natural oils and waxes) like the face theory gel for acne prone skin. In general, look for glycerin, hyaluronic acid, green tea... make sure your face wash does not contain sulfate and is formulates for sensitive skin ( like cerave). If you don't use salycilic acid, consider adding a peeling lotion or mask containg glycolic acid or lactic acid 2/3 times a week, but make sure to start with very low concentrations (star with 5 % glycolic acid for ex). The aim is not to sensitize your skin.

To help with pustules, try pimple patches like the rael original ones. They are really effective at removing the pus without scarring.

Definitively add zinc gluconate in a complement form. It is very helpfull. You can also add a SMALL vitamin a dose ( like 30% max of the amount recquired per day). Increase your intake in vitamin c. You can even add a strong antioxydant like glutathion.  Try to cut out dairy, sugar and refined carbs ( like white bread and pasta) and replace with whole grain foods.

Finally, you have to be consistent and patient. Acne does not disappear in a day. If you see no improvements in 3 months, consider going to a dermatologist. 

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