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Can someone verify my theory about subscision and tissue re attachment ? and

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I was just wondering that normally after subscision , use of vacuum cup is recommended to creat lift in upward direction to avoid reattachment , basically it creates tention in upward direction .

So, what if we create tention sideways after subscision ?? I have attached an image explaining this .


Does introducing sideways tention will also give similar benefits ??

I was just wandering this because we know there are so many creams and ingredients which can give us some skin tighting effects.  

Because to create upwards tention we need to use cups which is inconviennt . But with creams we can create sideways tention .

Again this is just my theory . I have attached on image explaining this.




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Posted (edited)

I am currently chinese cupping after my subcision and  I think the forces used to vaccum pits vertically is so strong compared to any tightening effect with any cream or serum, (HA, retin A). You would have the come up with some strong lateral forces to match what a Chinese cupping device can do. Maybe using medical tape to stretch out your skin? This goes back to the concept of using things like frownie patches overnight to reduce wrinkles which are highly rated and work effectively. Also you have to consider those like me that take forever to resolve needle marks, I think stretching them sideways will make it even harder to heal because your constantly pulling them apart.


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@Ravi.kumar.engineer Why would you want to create sideways vacuum pressure... Chinese Cupping has been done for centuries. It's a vertical pressure. You don't want to make bumps or lumps or cause un-even pressure in the skin. Cupping is the only way. No cream will benefit you after your subcision. Not the same action. 

Never Vacuum a open wound that has not fully heal as we don't want to draw blood.

Bruising will be part of the treatment for some patients who are sensitive, hence why some use filler instead. Vary the pressure you make when you vacuum, we don't need to cause huge bruises, just get "some" suction.

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