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Do you have any idea what red spots is this on my face?

I have dandruff but not too much males always have dandruffs right? And sometimes i got this white tounge sometimes its normal. 

I didn't take any anti biotics. I only have taken vaccine. 

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Dandruff is not normal. Dandruff is caused by malassezia fungus. A white tongue is NOT normal. A white tongue is caused by candida fungus.

Try applying clotrimazole antifungal cream to the affected area of your face and also wash your hair in an antidandruff shampoo.

Note that I am leaving this web site because I am returning to full time work, so I won't be able to reply to further posts.


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Appreciate it. Thank you very much! 

I tried researching also about this but i think i got post inflammatory erythema, what do you think? 

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It is worthwhile applying an antifungal cream as doing so won't do any harm.

Aussie Scientist signing off


Entry posted by Aussie Scientist · Yesterday at 11:10 AM

I am now returning to full time work and I will not be able to respond to people on this site as from tomorrow (Tuesday) 12 noon Australian Eastern Standard Time. Thanks to the people who have thanked me for the information they have received fro me, which has helped them control their (fungal) acne safely and effectively. 

Chiarbrb has offered to provide information for people about she controlled her fungal acne.

Remember the following - (i) one must know what type of acne one has (ordinary acne, staph acne, gram negative bacterial acne, candida fungal acne, malassezia fungal acne, demodex mites acne, acne caused by allergies or chemicals etc.) BEFORE treating the acne,

(ii) acne and follicultis are the same thing, and saying someone has acne or folliculitis is not helpful - one MUST know what is causing the acne/folliculitis,

(iii) most oral treatments, ie, oral antibiotics and oral antifungals (apart from oral Nilstat, which is safe), are dangerous or very dangerous, whereas most topical treatments are safe or very safe,

(iv) fungal acne is usually caused by taking antibiotics and some other meds, and is made worse by sweating, humidity, and applying moisturisers or organic oils,

(v) gram negative acne is caused by taking the cycline antibiotics or clindamycin,

(vi) taking oral clindamycin can cause overgrowth of Clostidium difficule in the gut, which is very dangerous,

(vi) all antibiotics destroy beneficial gut and skin bacteria, some of which are difficult or impossible to replace,

(vii) overgrowth of gut candida (which is usually caused by taking antibiotics) causes tiredness, headaches, stomach upsets, and feelings of disorientation, because candida produces aldehydes which are the same chemicals as cause hangovers,

(viii) most treatments for ordinary acne make fungal acne and gram negative acne worse (and treatments for ordinary acne can cause fungal and/or gram negative acne),

(ix) different types of fungus require different types of antifungals (just as different types of bacteria require different types of antibiotics), and the fungi that cause fungal acne are often resistant to azole antifungals, and

(x) sadly, most doctors and dermatologists do not appear to know about fungal acne, demodex mites acne, or gram negative bacterial acne. Many people with chronic, "adult acne" actually have fungal acne, gram negative bacterial acne or demodex mites acne, not ordinary acne. Treatments for ordinary acne make these people's acne worse.

I wish you all well. Farewell.

Standard statement - I have spent over 2,500 hours reading scientific papers about fungal acne and gram negative acne, and I have extensive experience with fungal acne, in particular. I am a scientist (not a medical doctor). I provide information based on my extensive experience with fungal acne, and some experience with gram negative acne.

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I'll think about it. Becuase this antifungal cream is for feets right? My face is very sensitive maybe my face can't t endure this cream. 

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