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Scar advice - had Sculptra already + pics

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Looking for some advice on what I need. A couple years ago I had Sculptra done, two sessions but it didn't really help and cost me quite a bit in London. I'm currently microneedling at home to try and help.


Tried to get good lighting...IMG_20190720_193924.jpg.be4e093aa8571c4b12b71c6a4a077d0c.jpg







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@Belloni I do not agree with the above poster. I don't know what they base their comment off of. 

Firstly this is a marathon, not a race. We don't get filler injections and it fixes everything. 

You have severe widespread textural scarring. It takes many about 3 years to treat. Look at ( a work in progress below).

We need to deal with the icepicks, boxcars, and other irregularities. A bad Dr would do what is said above and just Phenol peel you quickly. 

A good Dr would do many sessions of tca cross, tca paint on to the larger box cars. Even certain Dr will phenol peel you too soon if you let them, ... this person is also ethnic so you have to be very very careful with treatment. See someone who specializes in ethnic skin and specifically your skin type, ask for before and afters.

With your scar type while your going to continue to subcise and do cross for many sessions. The Sculptra is not a loss. We have not even begun to use the benefit of the injections. 

The average person needs 3-8 subcisions. That takes a long time with 3 months apart, They are home are doing dermastamping and alternating monthly with glycolic peels monthly between major Dr treatments. 

We treat texture LAST!

Ok back to the subcision cross+ paint on. Between alternate rf microneedling, there are so many brands right now. This will also help with those Sculptra injections you had. 

This is not a basic job for a General Derm (They are clueless).

So you do your multiple rf needling. That will help.

You will need co2 laser for sure, low density and high power multiple passes. You have lots of box cars.

Lastly, if nothing worked above (Were are all individual and treatment needs to be customized), you will consider something like punch excision or punch float. The problem with this is it's surgical and there are side effects. 

You will finish since your ethnic with multiple resurfacing procedures for texture,. If you do this to soon, you will not address the underlying scars. 

Topicals are extremely!, important in your case..

To recap the Sculptra is not a waste, it basically has not been utilized yet and does not pinpoint scars. Slow and steady is the race. 



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Thanks @beautifulambition great advice as always. Regarding finding someone who specialises in ethnic skin, are there any recommended London doctors or should I just call up and enquire?



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@Belloni I align more of the thinking of the top 1% acne scar providers. As such a Dr may not agree with my plan or advice. But we use the resources we have. 

Goto Anil in the Uk if you want to stay local, he will do many packages of manual treatments, but does have rf needling now. Don't let him do everything at once. Dr Emil is better in Denmark but you can also get results if you need to stay local. 

For laser at the end of treatment goto Dr H consults. Laser is the most expensive. He is very laser laser laser. So be prepared. 

Do your manual work first. 

Know the treatments you want, ... we went over them above. Anil should do what your want for the $$$. 

You have options. 

Other providers in the UK, but subcision is hard to find. 

There is a Japanese sounding Dr, forget the name in the FAQ, do a consult with him as well, beleive he does phenol cross. Not as good as Rullan but pretty good. 

Revaluate after you heal, 3 months between or these Dr's will do everything at once (side effects and less results). 



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