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Optimal time gap between subcisions


I've had subcision done in late April this year and am wondering what would be the most optimal length of time to wait for the next round of subcision (if I do intend to get one) to allow maximum healing and collagen growth from the first one. 

I've heard BA reiterate numerous times to wait at least 3 months between subs as collagen takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months to build and anything done sooner will have a counterintuitive effect and disrupt the healing process (overtreating too frequently).

Since it has just passed the 3-month mark now and my scars seemed to have reduced in depth and size, I wonder if it would be in my best interest to be patient and continue waiting till about the 6-month mark to for another sub, or if I should do the next sub now.

Im just afraid of disturbing any current collagen buildup going on now (if still any) by going in again and poking around with a needle at this stage.

Is it true collagen kicks in only from month 3 onwards and continues to build until month 6? I just wonder if it'd be wiser to play safe and wait for my body to do its thing with time and evaluate the results again down the road or I should treat now again to avoid wasting another 3 months of the scars potentially not improving further.

Thank you.

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@JelloG 3 Months is fine, ... if you had some filler then perhaps that is lasting longer and in that case, you do not need to do subcision right now until it's needed again. There are no rules. Everything is individualized, we all heal differently. 

IF your happy ride it out a bit, you can do other treatments while your waiting depending on your scar type or simply wait.

I have some patients who can only afford to treat once a year. So you see it's not a problem. 

Do what your gut tells you, ... you know your skin best. 

To think some Dr's have their patients Subcise monthly - now that's crazy!

3 to 6 months collagen is healing until it climaxes. Patients typically know when they need more filler or more subcision done.  

Safe is wise, and saves you some money, ... You could do a peel in the FAll or some more Cross, etc, or perhaps an energy device. 

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