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Fillers w Rullan/LA?

Hi, I'm about 3 weeks post my 3rd subcision/microneedling/acid and was wondering where I should get fillers done for acne scars? Rullan said it'll definitely help, someone else in his office said it wouldn't help much because most of my scars are boxscars, but I think I want to try a temporary one. It's cheaper at Rullan's than in LA but if there are any red flags, like maybe he's better with subcision and fillers are a different story, I'd like to know. Or if you have any suggestions for doctors in the area, let me know!


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@makingtime Please post some pictures if you wish me to analyze, aka filler. If Rullan said you need it, he is the Dr. Who cares what someone else in his office says. Even the sales lady knows very little about procedures. She often offers the most severe things instead of understanding why it's done.

With boxcars, Rullan will not be able to do this alone. I would also go to any med spa in LA and get rf needling done, 3 months apart, you can space these in between Rullan if you wish. Boxcars also do well with low density co2 laser to the scar border. 

At home I want you monthly to dermiantor - Google it, the scar border walls of the box cars, use the single needle attachment. You can also do glycolic peels (rotate), this is done between Dr's treatments. 

He is not the best with filler to be honest as his specialty as you know, I saw your other posts, is chemical peels, he teaches other Dr's this. If you want someone who does this all day get a expert injector, there are sooooooo many in LA even great nurses who have a great eye for detail. Checkout realself. One can subcise with him and when the swelling goes down a week latter go get filler anywhere. IF your not retethered at 3 weeks you can do filler now. Otherwise consider it next time. Also Chinese Cupping (amazon) is also a option for a month after as a alternative.

Dr's are on the FAQ pinned to the main scar treatments sub.


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