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'The Ordinary' skincare products external use mixed with bone broth for internal health healed my acne and is now healing my scarring

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My skin used to be sore, inflamed and embarrassing- due to adult acne... 

The pain of it meant that even if I wasn't looking in a mirror i couldn't even forget i had acne because I could FEEL THE PAIN OF IT; especially in my cheeks. 

My partners brother works in skincare and he recommended a product line called 'The ordinary' They are a product line that are ACTIVE ingredients- you know how skin care lines have 'active ingredients' in them- and those active ingredients make up probably 2% of the super expensive product your buying?...well the ordinary is ONLY the active ingredients. and each bottle ranges somewhere between $10-$25. It's absolutely nuts that after spending a fortune trying to heal my skin, There was this range of products out there the whole time! 

I'm not saying my skin is now perfect, and because of my scarring i still wear makeup when i go outside- BUT, its sooooooo much better it is crazy. SO thats what i did externally,  internally I REALISED after going to see naturopaths and a chinese doctor i wasn't digesting my food properly and i needed to fix this in order to ultimately fix my skin. 

I needed to heal my gut lining- so i started taking this horriblly disgusting chinese herbal brew which helped with a lot of ailments- not just skin (by the way it must be good for you, because after a while i started craving this disgusting drink), and i started drinking a lot of bone broth (i attempted making my own broth but it's expensive, time consuming and stincks out the house- its so much easier to just buy bone broth concentrate from health food stores)...anyway after months of drinking bone broth, and eating warm foods and drinking warm water (this basically helps with digestion also) i have noticed skin that is acne free, with scarring that is getting better daily, and just generally good skin health- i don't know weather its the ordinary product line, or bone broth but its also helping with aging for sure, as my skin is looking better in its tone and is more plumped- I wanted to leave a message on this site because i have been through acne and come out the other side and i wanted to let people know there is actually cheap/ healthy options out there.

if you want to research the healing impacts of bone broth- go for it, there's heaps online, but also in general if you have acne i would steer clear from cold foods and drinks as well which is stipulated in both Ayurveda and chinese medicine and is something that i feel contributed positively to this turnaround in my skin as well. 

I really hope this post helps someone- i posted a pic of myself- you can vaguely see some left over scarring on my cheeks but this is soo great in comparison to what it was, good luck! 

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 5.02.11 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 5.12.14 pm.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 5.15.13 pm.png

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Healthy digestive and endocrine system is so important when it comes to skin. I changed my diet drastically by cutting out gluten and dairy. I also started eating less red meat, more fish. It helped so much with my skin.

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