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I've had bren batteling with acne for over 10 years. I've manage to get it under control with eliminating dairy from my diet, managing my stress levels, birt contorl pill and w acids as topical treatmants. I had almos clear face for more than 2 years but it came back, almost overnight with lots of whiteheads. I figured it looks like fungal acne so I changed all my skincare with malasezzia safe ingredients. It is all on one cheek and I keep getting new infalmed ones every day. I dont know what to do.. It is summer here where I am so I'm afraid to undertake acid treatmans but i just dont know how to stop this :(


Please pleas help, what to do? Thank you so much


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You most likely have fungal acne. Fungal acne can be candida fungal acne or malasezzia fungal acne.

If you get back to me with answers to the questions below, I can provide information to control the problem.

Both types of fungal acne is caused by taking antibiotics and some other meds, including birth control pills.

You can control fungal acne by doing the following - (note that you have to actively control the fungus using topical antifungal creams)

1. Buy clotrimazole topical antifungal cream (often sold as Canesten) and apply it to the areas with "acne" 2-3 times a day. Topical antifungal creams are TOTALLY safe and most/some are available without a prescription.

2. Wash your hair in an antidandruff shampoo.

3. Do NOT apply any moisturisers or organic oils to the areas with acne unless your skin becomes verydry. Moisturisers and organic oils feed one type of fungal acne and all fungus loves moisture.

Do notapply acids to strip your skin - doing so destroys the skin barrier and allows fungus to invade.

If you get back to me with answers to the questions below, I can provide targeted information to control your "acne".

Have you taken antibiotics or other meds.

Do you have one or more of the following (as well as the acne) - white coating on your tongue (indicates candida), dandruff (indicates malasezzia), flaking skin, toenail fungus, itchy and/or painful skin, red rash/es, unexplained tiredness, headaches, "brain fog", stomach or gut problems, sinus problems.

You may need a more targeted antifungal cream to control the "acne". I can provide information about this after I hear back from you.

I look forward to hearing back from you.


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Posted (edited)

I dont have any other symptomes you mentioned.


What if (canesten) clotrimazol cream has Polysorbate-20 - ingredient known to promote the growth of malassezia? Has anyone really tried it and it worked? I wash my face w head and sholders shampoo every few days, have all malassezia safe skincare and make up and I still brake out. 

It is so frustating and I feel helpless.

If anyone needs help with fungal acne here are some very very helpful links;




Last two are great for finding malassezia safe products!


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I doubt that polysorbate promotes malasezzia. There is no empirical evidence or logical reason why polysorbate would promote the growth of malasezzia any other fungus. Be careful about non-emprically based material on the web  about fungal acne.

Organic oils DO promote growth of malasezzia because malasezzia feeds on organic oils - that is not a myth.

In any case, the antifungal effect of the clotrimazole cream will overcome any effect of polysorbate.

If you are worried about using clotrimazole cream, then use terbenafine cream (Lamisil) which controls malasezzia better than clotrimazole cream.

You may have candida fungal acne rather than malasezzia fungal acne, which is why I suggested clotrimazole cream. Clotrimazole cream is a broad spectrum antifungal cream which will cntrol both malasezzia and candida, but not as well as the specific antifungal creams - ie,  Terbenafne controls malasezzia and nystatin controls candida better than clotrimazole does.

I cannot stress strongly enough that you MUST apply topical antifungal cream to control fungal acne. Buy some terbenafine cream (Lamisil) and apply that to the areas with "acne". If the terbenafine cream does not start to control the "acne" within 10 days or so, get back to me. 

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