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My story (THERE IS HOPE)

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Hi good people, i'm going to keep it brief and straight to the point.
My acne got really bad around 2016 and by the end of the year i had two deep pitted scars on each side of my chin, in the middle, so it made me look so gaunt and like a heroin addict or something, this was the beginning of the worst 3 years of my life where i physically almost couldnt leave my house, i lost all my friends, couldnt keep a job, my substance abuse got really bad and was suicidal all this time.
Now after 3 subcisons, first one with a filler, next one with a fat graft  and the third one using subcision and suction method, (using a suction device to keep skin elevated while healing) and also now 2 frational laser treatments, Its the first day today in years where i woke up looked in the mirror and finally feel free, like now there are options i can pursue and i am no longer cripled by this. If i could go back 3 or 4 years back i would tell myself to visit a derm sooner and dont trust all these articles that tell you all the possible causes, when i took doxycycline it instantly got better. And because of all this i developed a litteral phobia of cameras, and a few weeks ago my friends invited me to a photoshoot with a very large brand here where i live, and it turned out to be a huge success and a huge step forward to overcome my fears.
Anyways this is my story, hopefully it gives you hope, Main points are look up Subcision + Suction method, and find a skilled dermatology place where they do laser, one of my biggest mistakes was going to an aesthetician to do a dermapen, she was way to harsh and it left a lot of small icepick scars, but they arent a problem so much after fractional laser.

May you be blessed on your journey to healing, there is always hope for improvement!

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