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Just needing advice - where to go next?

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Hey everyone, 


I’m posting on here because I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. 


I have been dealing with bad acne since around 2017 now and I feel as though I’ve tried everything. 


I have tried countless different topical skin treatments, including prescription creams.


I have tried every skincare regime and all the other tips like changing my pillow case everyday.


I have been to many naturopaths who have told me I have hormonal imbalances and given me different supplements and herbs that I have taken to absolutely no effect. 


I have tried a skin therapist who did extractions, chemical peels and light therapy treatments on my skin that just made the acne spread further around my face.


I have been to a functional doctor who has told me I have gut issues and gave me metagenic drinks that made me feel bloated and sick and didn’t change my skin. 


I have recently just started on birth control which is slowly working but I know it’s just masking the issues on the inside and I would really love to tackle the root cause of my acne but every time I have tried to treat it naturally nothing happens. 


I’m just really asking for advice on what my next step is? I know I have gut problems and hormonal imbalances that are most likely causing my acne issues but I have no idea how to solve them. 


My friend wants to go camping for her birthday soon but I can’t with my skin in this state. Please help I just need some kind of advice :(


Sorry if this is all over the place.





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You might have fungal acne, not ordinary acne, which is why the treatments are not working.

Do you have one or more of the following - a white tongue, dandruff, seborhheic dermatitis, toenial fungus, sinus or gut problems, unexplained tiredness or headaches, red rashes, itchy skin ?

Have you take antibiotics or other meds ? If so  which ones ?

If you get back to me, I can probably help you.

Fungal acne can be controlled with topical antifungal creams, which are totally safe.

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I don’t know about fungal infections, but your best bet is probably to go see a dermatologist and ask about Accutane.


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Dermatologists know NOTHING about fungal acne.

Do NOT go to a dermatologist, and certainly do NOT take accutane until you have tried the treatments to control fungal acne.

Accutane is VERY dangerous and it can make fungal acne WORSE.

But - Applying antifungal cream to control fungal acne is totally safe.

Get back to me Emday with answers to my questions above, and I can provide information that will very likely solve your problem, without any side effects and costing only a few dollars.

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