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Does BP 2,5% prevent red marks from fading?

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So I've been using Benzoyl Peroxide 2,5% "The Regimen"  for about 1,5 years now. As espected, it cleared my acne to about 90%. Even today I get red when applying the BP and moisturizer. I have also noticed that I have a lot of red marks from previous acne. These red marks wont fade away... I am wondering if the benzoyl peroxide 2,5% prevents the red marks to heal and fade away? 


So does anyone have any experience with this? Does benzoyl peroxide 2,5% slow down the fading of red marks when applying twice a day? I have had redmarks for over a year...


Thanks, M

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Posted (edited)

No, benzoyl peroxide, especially Dan's aids in removing dark spots. His BP + the moisturizer is clearing mine up really fast. I'd try throwing in the glycolic acid next time you order as it will help your skin shed and replace even more to help get rid of dark spots faster. And drink plenty of water.

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Thank you for replying! :) Ok interesting to hear that your red marks have actually faded fast? As I mentioned above, I've had red marks which havent faded away in over a years time... And also, I have been using the glycolic acid (AHA+) for over a year, every third night... I cant understand how my red marks wont fade... :/:/ 


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Were the spots caused by REALLY big cyst acne? I've had a few spots from zits that had 2 heads which really suck, and the dark spots lasted a long time but luckily they're fading now. If they were from really big zits the hyper pigmentation may be really deep into your skin so may take a long time... Maybe look into chemical peels or dermabrasion? It can really help your skin turn over new cells to get to normal skin again.... Since you are already using AHA and benzoyl peroxide your skin cells are already turning over fast, so the hyper pigmentation must be really deep!

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