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Anyone go completely bald from the hair loss?

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Hey guys

Male here.  i started another thread but didn’t get any responses. Have a separate question here. As the title says has anyone actually gone completely bald due to the hair loss/thinning?  My hair started falling out significantly about 3 weeks ago and initially I thought it would just be thinning but now I’m at the point where I literally think I will be bald in 2 more weeks at this pace.  If I run my fingers through my hair I notice significant gaps between hair follicles across the temples and crown.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I accepted the fact that I may have had to just get a buzz cut but at this rate it looks like I might not even be able to pull that off. Bald is not a good look for me....

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Posted (edited)

Never saw a single case of someone going completely bald from accutane.
Isotretinoin itself has no capability of destroying hair follicle, however, it can induce tellogen effluvium thus speed a genetic predisposition of male pattern baldness. In internet your going to see alot of cases of hair loss/thinning from accutane, if they are reliable, you will never know. But even tho i never saw a case of completely balding from it.

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We Thanks for the reply.  I’ve experienced hair loss for the last 30 days or so and losing quite a bit of hair each day especially when I wash my hair. Would estimate that I’ve lost probably 30% of my hair follicles. I get really nervous when people say they lose several hundred hairs each day going on for years.  They must be exaggerating because at that rate,  they should be completely bald within a year. 

anybody else care to share their observations/ experience?  Would be curious to know from others what percentage of their hair did they lose before the shedding stopped

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