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Tea tree oil is causing me to breakout more - help!!

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So I have mild acne all over my face and just started using tea tree oil. 

I’ve been taking a few drops and mixing it with around 1 tsp of coconut oil. Then I’ll usually dab it onto the majority of my face, since most of my face has acne.


However, I feel like my skin isnt absorbing it. Usually I’ll feel it slowly dripping down onto my eyelids and lips after about 20 mins of having it on.


Also, at the bottom of my chin and left side of my nose it not only inflamed and enlarged the pimples I had there, but it also created a few new ones with puss.


pls help, I’m just trying to clear my face and get rid of my acne. Idk what I’m doing wrong

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Do you have acne or do you have candida or malassezia - which are fungal infections. The coconut oil will feed malassezia. If you are over 25 and you have taken antibiotics recently you probably have malasezzia (or candida) rather than acne. Do you have a white tongue (indicative of candida) and/or dandruff or flaky eyebrows (indicative of malassezia).

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Tea tree oil never worked for me, it actually irritated my skin. I would also point out that coconut oil is comedogenic, which means it can make your acne worse. Personally, I have found grapeseed oil very helpful. I use it as a moisturizer. It is non comedogenic and contains linoleic acid, which is good for acne. 

But really, if something is not working for you, stop using it. Everyone reacts differently to products and what might work for one person might not work for you.

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